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Thoracic vs. Abd. Ao surg.
There are special considerations in thoracic
Pathophysiology of aortic dissection
Thoracic Ao Dissection:
Clinical presentation
Manifestations of end-organ ischemia:
Brain: CVA, hemiparesis, hemiplegia, syncope, speech/visual defects
Kidney:hematuria, oliguria, elevated BUN/creatinine
Intestines:abdominal pain, elevated WBC, absent bowel sounds
Spinal Cord: paraplegia
Lower extremities:peripheral neuropathy, pulse deficits
Temporizing Measures of Dissection:
Preoperative evaluation for dissection repair
Indications for dissection repair
Describe monitoring for dissecting
thoracic aneurysm.*
Ascending aorta repair:
Aortic arch repair:
Descending aorta repair:
In which 3 situations during
thoracic Ao surgery should NTG
be given?*
1. When BP > 20% above normal.
2. When myocardial contractility decreases.
3. When Signs of myocardial ischemia
Blood is supplied to the spinal
cord via which 3 routes?*
Is the anterior or posterior portion
of the spinal cord more vulnerable
to ischemia?*
What is anterior spinal artery
Describe the Artery of
A.K.A. great radicular artery;
Protection of Spinal cord during dissection surgery:
Post-operative care after dissection repair:
After surgery for a thoracic Ao
aneurysm where should the BP be