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what were the dates of jefferson's term of office?
What was jefferson's principles on democracy and government?
Belief in the common man, faith in the republican form of gov, protection of civil and political liberty, equal justice and opportunity for all, popular education, economy in the government, states rights, laissez faire
What was Jefferson's principles in foreign policy?
advocated "honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none."
List the parts of the Jeffersonian system- his program of peaceful change and moderate reform
1) simplicity 2) economy 3) internal improvements 4) replacement of federalists 5) federalist policies retained 6) force when necessary: the war with tripoli
what changes did jefferson make in the economy?
1) repealed excise tax on liquor 2) reduced military and diplomatic expenditures, 3) reduced the national debt 4) spent gov funds with great care
Internal improvements
1808- approved the buyilding of a national or CUmberland Road
Replacement of Federalists
Federalist judges appointed by John Adams during the last hours of his administration (midnight judges) under the Judiciary Act of 1800 were dismissed and the act repealed
Who was appointed as Secretary of state?
james madison
who was appointed as secretary of treasury?
albert gallatin
what federalist policies were retained?
much of hamilton's program (US bandk and payment of national debt), courts remained almost entirely federalist
What did the Tripolitan war against the Barbary pirates cause teh Republicans to do?
increase the size and strength of the country's naval forces
Why was the interest in Louisiana?
Louisiana Territory had been given to Spain by France at the end of the French and Indian war. Americans were alarmed when Spain transferred it back to France in 1800. Jefferson disturbed at prospect of having such a strong and affressive neighbor, western farmers angered by spain's withdrawal of right of deposit in New Orleans, american expansionists unhappy becuase they had hoped louisiana would become available for the future growth of US
Why did Napoleon sell Louisiana?
successful Negro revolt in Haiti against French control, which upset his dreams of American empire, and also his need for funds to finance the expected renewal of war with Brit
significanc of louisiana purchase
1) doubled area of US 2) increased natural resources 3) US got control of MIssissippi to its mouth and ended rivalry with brit, france, and spain in Miss valley 4) strengthened national unity by making west grateful for safeguarding of their interests by fed gov 5) promoted west expansion 6) forced jefferson into loose interpretation 7) reduced prestige of Federalists who had opposed it 8) paved way for a future struggle between north and south over th extension of slavery into new territories
What did Britain do to destroy France's trade?
British orders in Council declared a blockade of Euro and forbade all neutral nations to trade with france
What did france do to stop Britains trade?
Berlin and Milan Decrees- declared a blockade of the British Isles and forbad all nations to trade with brit
What affects did the Napoleonic wars have on the US?
1) injured the profitable wartime trade with the belligerants 2)resentment greaetest against brit who controlled the seas and could enforce her decrees effectively 3) US seamen impressed into British navy 4) humiliated in CHesapeake affair in (1807)
Peaceful Coercion: The Embargo Act (1807)
forbade the departure of all American merchant ships for foreign ports
What happened as a result of the Embaro Act?
failed to achieve its purposes and had to be repealed in 1809. Commerce nearly ruined. Hurt worse than belligerants. New England talked of secession