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A formal meeting of Church leaders to deliberate, clarify, study and enact decrees pertaining to the life and belief of the Church.
Decree on the Laity
Official pronouncement announcing that all the baptized are called to perfection of life and to evangelize all who they meet.
Dry Martyr
A witness to the truth of the faith who suffers social persecution rather than death.
The free and undeserved gift that God gives us to respond to our vocation to becomre his adopted children.
An attribute of God describing his complete separation from the sphere of the profane. Individual human beings may be holy dedicating themselves completely to God. Holiness is the perfection of charity.
The faithful who, having been incorporated into Christ through Baptism, are made part of the people of God, the Church. They are not in Holy Orders or the consecrated life.
A witness to the truth of the faith, in which he or she endures even death to be faithful to Christ.
A person on earth, in purgatory, or in heaven notable for holiness and heroic virtue.
Process of being made holy. This begins with Baptism, continues throughout the life of the Christian, and is completed when a person enters heaven.
Spiritual Reading
All reading that leads us to prayer and closer union with God.