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Integrated networks that are both the product of constructing knowledge and the tools which additional new knowledge can be constructed
Cognitive Schemas
The use of existing schemas to give meaning to experiences
Process of altering existing ways of viewing things or ideas that contradict or do not fit into existing schemas
Actively thinking about of mentally working an idea
Reflective thought
A measure of quality and quantity of connection that an idea has with existing ideas
Rich interconnected web of ideas
Relational Understanding
Isolated and without meaning
Instrumental Understanding
Knowledge that consists of rich relationships or web of ideas
Conceptual Knowledge
knowledge of the rules and the procedures used in carrying out routine mathematical tasks and also symbolism used to represent math
Procedural Knowledge
An active endeavor that involves figuring something out or trying to connect ideas that seem to be related
Reflective Thought
Social interactions are a key of component in the development of knowledge and mental processes that exist between people in social learning settings
Sociocultural Theory of Learning
Internal ideas that are personally constructed through ideas exchanged in the social setting
Any object, picture, or drawing that represents the concept or onto which the relationship for that concept can be imposed
Model for Mathematical Concept