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Shamelessly Bold.
The impudent child was always talking back to her elders.

I am a very impudent girl when I'm talking to my mother about my future.
Loyalty; devotion
The sailors pledged allegiance to their king and to one another

An allegiance was made after the two kings signed a treaty of peace between the nations.
Caused to be alarmed or upset.
Misha has nerves of steel; he was not in the least perturbed during the earthquake.

I was quite perturbed when my mother told me that my kitty scribbles died.
Give up; leave; abandon
Do not forsake the ways of your ancestors.

Those who forsake god, forsake the will of man, and womankind.
Speak or recite in a singing tone

The priest intoned a prayer, an the listeners marveled at the beatuy of his voice

As I stared upon the casket of my great grandfather, I placed upon it a black rose; and then, more intoned with the moroseness of the occasion, began to recite a poem that I had written for him.
The miscreant sweatshop owners were arrested and put in jail.

The heat of the duel outside the football game subsided after a police officer used his stick to calm the miscreants.
Deserving to be despised. Contemptible.

Making fun of that unfortunate person was a despicable act.

Those who choose abortion as a means of dilverance are dispicable and evil
Complete destruction; putting out of existence. The clearing of the rain forest resulted in the annihilation of several species of plants and animals.

My dreams were annihilated the moment my father told me that I couldn't do anything.
Having sunk below a normal condition; morally corrupt

Some of the puritans thought of dancing as a degenerate activity.

The degenearte boy thought had cancer of the lungs.
Lackikng strenght; powerless
The authorities felt impotent against the rapid spread of cholera in the population.

Impotent is the way I feel when my father talks to me; I can't seem to get through to him.