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Enteral formulas are
liquid diets intended for oral or tube feedings
Formulas for enteral nutrition
Isotonic, Elemental, and Fluid Restriction
Isotonic Enteral formula is
Regular, 1KCAL/ml (proteins, fats, carbs)
Elemental Enteral formula is
1KCAL/ml (broken down)
Fluid Restriction Enteral formula is
2KCAL/ml (highly concentrated)
Low Residue formulas are good for what type of patient?
can't digest food
Nasogastric tubes are left in how long?
up to 4 weeks, short term
Tube feedings hang how long?
no longer than 24 hours
Complications of tube feedings are
pulmonary aspiration, diarrhea, constipation, tube occlusion, tube displacement, cramping, delayed gastric emptying
Common feeding amounts are
begin at 40cc/hr or anywhere between 25 to 50cc/hr
Feeding increments increase
at 25cc over time
One ready to use can of formula usually how much in it
How much supplemental water is needed w/ feedings
850 cc water for every 1000cc formula (appx. 1920cc/24hrs)
Tube feeding may be discontinued if
60% of food is eaten orally.
Intermittent feeding amounts are
no more than 250ml over 30min
Bolus feeding amounts are
300-400ml over 10 minutes or less
Gatric residual is
amount of formula that remains in the stomach from a orevious feeding(over 100ml=no feeding)
Parenteral nutrition is
specialized nutrition support where nutrients are given IV
Types of Parenteral feedings are
Simple IV (water,dextrose, and electrolytes)
PPN (dextrose, amino acids, fats, minerals)
PPN/Periperal Parenteral Nutrition last how long?
Short Term (7-14days) Best to supplement oral feedings
Total Parenteral Nutrition by central vein are located
clavicle, pic line
Infusion rate of Total PN is
40-60ml/hr continuous
(Taper up/Taper down each day)
TPN feedings last how long
Air Embolism symptoms are
Resp. Distress, Tachypnea, and Cyonosis (Put pt on left side)
Pepctic Ulcer Disease diet is
avoid foods that increase acid, smoking, alcohol and ASA are discouraged