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A resistance training exercise technique for knee flexors using a cuff weight
1) Pt. prone on table and have them bend knee up (protect the knee by hanging it off the table or use a towel roll)

2) Standing and have pt bend knee up
A plyometric training exercise technique for the UE
Play catch with a weighted plyoball (standing, supine, sitting)
Stretch the shoulder INTERNAL rotators using AUTOGENIC inhibition
- Pt prone with elbow at 90 degree angle

- PT pushes the palm to fire the internal rotators & holds for 6 seconds

- Then push pt's arm into EXTERNAL rotation in order to stretch the internal rotators

- Hold stretch for 30 seconds
A resistance training exercise technique for hip horizontal abductors using the elastic band
1) pt standing, wrap band around leg and then have pt horizontally abduct

2) You can also perform this with the pt. in supine
An exercise technique to perform cervical lateral flexion AAROM
- pt supine

- place hands on head and laterally flex the neck
An exercise technique to STRETCH the wrist EXTENSORS using RECIPROCAL inhibition
- have pt sit in chair

- stabilize at the elbow

- PT pushes against the palm of the hand causing the flexors to fire

- Then moves the pt more into flexion in order to stretch the extensors
Lumbar extension passive static stretching
PT holds the pt’s legs with one arm cupping them under the knee creases, pt. is in supine, PT brings the pt’s legs up to their chest (double knee to chest).
A resistance training exercise technique for the forearm supinators using a dumbbell
- pt sits in chair with dumbbell in hand (have pt hold on to one end of the dumbbell)

- start pt out in pronation and end in neutral (thumb towards ceiling)

- Do a few reps
Resistance training for cervical retraction using isometrics
1. pt. in supine with head on the table, tell the pt. to tuck chin and then push back against the table for 6 sec.
Ankle dorsiflexion PROM
can do it with knee bent or extended. PT puts pt’s ankle into DF. PT’s hand is on pt’s heel and use the forearm to DF the pt’s ankle.
11. Scapular Retraction PROM
1. pt. is side lying and PT can be in front or behind the pt. cradle the pt’s arm with one hand and move the scapula by placing the other hand on the inferior angle. Line up inferior angle with the web space of the hand.
12. Stretch hip adductors using autogenic inhibition
1. pt. can be supine or side lying, PT needs to cause the adductors to fire and then move the patients hip into abduction in order to stretch the adductors.
13. Stretch the Pec Minor
1. pt. is supine, PT presses down on the coracoid process.
14. Plyometrics for the LE
1. have pt. jump up and down and be sure to tell them to be quick and explosive.

2. You can also have the pt. hop back and forth across a tape-line on the floor.
15. Strengthen the scapular retractors
1. pt. is prone and holds weight in hand, tell pt. to pull their shoulder up and to keep the elbow straight.
16. Stretch shoulder external rotators using reciprocal inhibition
1. pt. is prone, PT needs to cause the internal rotators to fire and then move pt’s shoulder into more internal rotation. Make sure to keep the arm supported by the plinth.
17. PROM of hip flexors
1. pt. in supine, PT supports the ankle and moves pt’s hip into flexion
18. Stretch the hamstrings using reciprocal inhibition
1. pt. is supine, pt. keeps knee straight and pulls the leg up as high as they can and holds for 6 sec. PT stretches pt. into more hip flexion and holds stretch for 30 sec.
19. Resistance training for forearm pronators using elastic band
1. pt. sits in chair and grabs hold of end of elastic band, PT starts pt. in supination and has pt. pronate several times.
20. Lumbar Extension Isometric Exercise
1. do the superman, pt. is prone. Have pt. hold 6 sec. repeat several times.
21. Stretch elbow flexors using autogenic inhibition
1. pt. sits in chair, PT causes elbow flexors to fire and then moves the pt’s arm into more elbow extension.
22. Perform passive static stretching for the forearm pronators
1. pt. sits in chair, PT puts arm in supination and holds for 30 sec.
23. Exercise technique to stretch hip horizontal adductors using reciprocal inhibition
1. pt. in supine or side lying, hip at 90 degree angle, have pt. push out into your hand and then bring pt’s hip into more abduction, stabilize the foot.
24. Lumbar Extension PROM
1. pt. is prone and leaning on elbows, have pt. start pushing upward with arms and make sure that the ASIS’s are down on the plinth. Stabilize the hip if the pt. can keep them down.
25. Shoulder Abduction AAROM
1. pt. prone, PT brings pt’s shoulder out into abd. With assistance from pt. , be sure to ER after 90 degrees of abd.
26. Strengthen lumbar rotators
1. pt. sits in chair, pt. grabs end of theraband and then rotates.
27. Resistance training for hip abductors using a cuff weight
1. pt. can stand or lay side lying, have pt. abduct several times, if pt. is side lying then make sure other leg is bent.
28. Resistance training for knee extension
1. can do a long arc quad or a short arc quad exercise, have pt. sit in tripod and use a cuff weight for resistance.
29. Hip abduction AAROM
1. pt. is supine, PT takes hold of leg and brings it out into abduction several times and tells pt. to help out.
30. Cervical PROM
Have pt lie supine with head off of table. PT sits on stool and holds patient's head in hands. PT then taks pt through cervical PROM
31. Passive static stretching of hip flexors
1. didn’t get this one either, if someone has it please email it out.
32. Lumbar flexion PROM
1. pt. is supine and PT grabs legs under the knees and takes pt. through the motion several times.
33. Strengthen knee flexors using the elastic band
1. pt. is sitting in tripod position, PT is in front, place band behind calf/ankle, have pt. flex the knee.
34. Stretching of gastroc
1. pt. is supine, stabilize the tibia, pt’s heel is in PT’s hand with forearm pressing foot into further dorsiflexion, make sure pt’s shoes are off.
35. Shoulder IR with elastic band
1. use the door, pt. is standing, have them pull towards the midline and make sure they keep their elbow in, can also be performed with pt. in supine and PT holding the band.
36. Isometric resistance for forearm pronators
1. pt. sits in chair, PT push toward supination while pt. pushes against the PT. stabilize at elbow.
37. Exercise technique for stretching the upper cervical protractors
1. pt. is supine, PT has pt. tuck chin in and then PT pulls out and up.