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Name a ex. of correct Position towards the client?
Maintain a close, but comfortable position.
Name an ex. of Posture
Sitting w/limbs closed sends a msg of avoidance and closure.
Name an ex. of territoriality
Sitting in the same seat every day.
In order to be therapeutic with a client, we must first?
Explore our own feelings.
Name the 5 C's of communication?
1. Complete
2. Clear
3. Cohesive
4. Concise
5. Courteous
Human relation skills Include?
1. Interacting w/people
2. Pleasant/Unpleasant interactions
3. How you relate to others.
4. How you communicate by talking/listening.
Name some inappropriate expressions of anger?
1. becoming hostile & carrying a grudge.
2. demanding, complaining and threatening.
3. Rude and critical.