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W.I Thomas
definition of a situation
Dialectic Process
A process adn way of thinking Marx thesis anti thesis and synthesis
August Comte
Given the title of Father of Sociology.
Marx Thingification- coming ot believe that humanly created forms are natural, universal, and absolute. And as a result take that form.
Emile Durkheim
Father of Sociology: Modern: First Professional Sociolist. Funcitionalist famous for "Le Suicide"
Meaning is highly context sensitive.
One of Marx's contradictions to capitalism.
Symbolic Interactionism?
Society uses symbols to interact with eachother.
Erving Goffman
What is Functionalism?
Society has structures that have functions. These structures fuction interdependently to promote equilibrium.
C Wright Mills
Power Elite
What you see in a theater is exactly what goes on in real life. We are all acters and actresses on stage.
William James
Paragmatist, first person ot talk about "self"
What is Conflict Theory?
Who gets what,why,and how? Society isn't about everyone being happy, it's about one group controling another.
Georg Simmel
Sociologies marginal man: Social forms
Social Norms?
Social exceptable and agreed upon behavior.
Collective conscience
Durkheim: Totality of beliefs common to average citizens.
Social Status?
Socially defined status.
George Homans
Father of Social Exchange
Social Exchange Theory?
People are constantly exchanging social goods.
Max Weber
Argued with the ghost of Marx and came up with the idea of life chances.
Social Role?
Set of expected behaviors that go along with social lables.
Impression Mangement
Goffmans personal front.
Social reality simultaneously defines what it creates
Karl Marx
Conflict Theroist who wrote Communist Manifesto.
Micro Level Theory
How society effects the individual.
Peter Blau
he tried ot make social exchange more macro. Indirect Exchange
The study of people's methods and sense making machinery.
Harold Garfinkel
Ethnomethodlogy: Reciprocity of perspectives, Suspension of doubt, Typifications, Stocks of Knowledge, Accounts, Glossing, Let it Pass, Ceteris Paribus, Et Cetera Clause.
Social Institution?
A collection of norms, groups, and status that have differnet sociological implications. Ex: church.
Talcott Parsons
Social Group?
Group of people with shared circumstances, interests, values, etc...
Herbert Marcuse
Wrote a book called "one dimensional man". We define ourselves by what we own. We try to get to that ruling class, but we will never get there.
Macro Level Theory?
Large scale looking at society as a whole.
Ralf Dahrendorf
Concerned with authority and power and their distinction. Said authority was legitimate and power was illegitimate
Robert Merton?
Strain Theory. Manifest function, latent and dysfunction.
Alfred Schutz
He is the link between Ethnomethodology and Phenomenology. Made the taken for graned world the object of study.
Herbert Blumer
Meads most influential student. Conied the phase, "S.I".
Herbert Spencer
Wrote principles of Sociology Three problems with socity: Distribuitive, Regulatory, and Operative.
Charles Horton Cooley
Looking glass self
George Herbert Mead
Father of Symbolic Interactionsim
Claude Henri de Saint Simon
Introduced Positivism. Most important person who influenced Comte.
Aktuelles verstehen: direct observational.
Erklarken verstehen: explanatory understanding.
Cultural Hegemony
Sameness Cultural leadership exercised by the ruling class
Social Facts
The outside factors that influence you. Exteranl to the person. Ways of thinking feeling and acting that are external to theindividual but endowed with the power of coerction over him or her
Social evolution
Society is dynamic and changes over time.
Generalized other
Internalized role of society. Mead concept of the game stage