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encourages open dialogue and breaking down cultural barriers. Less structured than some people like, theory's focus on the individual may be inimical to someone from a collectivistic culture
most useful in helping clients find meaning and harmony in their lives, this theory might not work with individuals who see themselves as having little personal choice and freedom
focus on family dynamics may appeal to some. However, it is long-term restructuring of the pesonality
with high stress on feelings may be difficult or inappropriate initially
with the emphasis on changing behaviors and problem-solving the theory typically fits nicely into the needs of multicultural clients, however counselors must help clients incoporate their new behaviors into their cultural context and be open to talk about the consequences these new behaviors may lead to
works well, emphasis is on thining and is more of a teaching approach, but the therapist must understand and respect the client's world
the counselor explores how satifying the client's current situation is for themselves and tohers. Thus will work well-social and political realities must be recognized and clients may be reluctant to share
Feminist thearpy:
very compatible, feminist therapists must be aware of the consequences of some client actions and behaviors depending on the cultural context.