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What are the three words which Kreeft uses to show how we express our faith and what is the short definition of each?
Creed - What we believe
Code - How we live
Cult - How we worship
What does the term "religare" mean?
What is the "Divine Initiative?"
God acts first
What do we call our response to the "Divine Initiative?"
Free will
What is "apostolic succession?"
The line of bishops that have been ordained dating back to the apostles.
Which came first: the New Testament or the Church?
The Church
Other than the reason given above, give two reasons from Kreeft for the rejection of "sola scriptura."
a. It was'nt taught until Martin Luther.
b. The Church must be infallible if the bible is infallible.
c. Protestant religions have split into over 20,000 denominations based on interpretations of the scripture.
d. Scripture itself calls the Church "the pillar and bulwark of the truth"
e. Scripture never teaches "sola scriptura" thus making it contradictory to believe it.
(pg. 20)
What is the difference between intellectual faith and heart-faith?
Intellectual faith is just going through the motions but heart-faith is actually reacting to the mass and motions.
How does faith respond to this way of losing your faith?
-Revolt against evil in the world and against God who does not act as we think he should to defeat evil as quickly as we would wish.
Wait, time will sort it out.
How does faith respond to this way of losing your faith?
-The unfashionableness of religion in a secular society.
The love of God forever is more important than the temporary denial of a man.
How does faith respond to this way of losing your faith?
-Fear of the unknown, fear of letting go and giving God a "blank check"; fear of trusting him.
Some of the best things in life happen when you let go; such as marriage and falling in love.
How does faith respond to this way of losing your faith?
-Pride, the demand to "play God", to be in control, to have our own way.
This is a baby-like philosophy: "I want what I want, when I want it."
Complete the following quote from Kreeft, "Since nothing happens without an adequate cause, the Big Bang requires a ______"
Big Banger
From the viewpoint of the world, how does one come to a knowledge of God as the origin and end of the universe?
The world’s order and beauty acknowledges God and the end of the universe
From the viewpoint of the human person, from what does man discern signs of his spiritual soul?
With his openness to the truth and beauty, his sense of moral goodness, his freedom and the voice o f his conscience with his longings for the infinite and happiness, man questions himself about God’s existence.
What did God will so that man could be able to enter into real intimacy with Him?
God willed both to reveal himself to man and to give him the grace of being able to welcome this revelation in faith.
What should man do so that he arrives at certainty about the existence of God?
When he listens to the message of creation and to the voice of conscience
How can faith help us come to know of the existence of God even if this knowledge is obscured and disfigured by error?
It can be known with certainty through his works, by the light of human reason which is confirmed by faith
How do agnostics explain the existence of God?
It postulates the existence of a transcendent being which is incapable of revealing itself and about which nothing can be said.
Give two reasons from Kreeft of how we come to a knowledge of God by human reaons.
Data about the universe
Data about ourselves
Give two reasons from Kreeft that data about ourselves that helps us come to a knowledge about the existence of God.
Our minds can known unchangeable truths
Our conscience experiences an absolute moral obligation to do good, not evil.
What do we mean when we say that God is transcendent and immanent?
Transcendent (means more) God is always more- more than all his creation and more than all created minds can conceive.
Immanent (present) because He is omnipresent
Here we read ‘catechesis on creation is of major importance. It concern the very foundations of human and Christian life” Why?
It makes the explicit the response of the Christian faith to the basic question that men of all times have asked themselves
According to this paragraph (289), the first 3 chapters of Genesis occupy a unique place in presenting the story of creation. Why did the inspired authors place them at the beginning of Scripture?
To express in their solemn language the truths of creation, its origin and its end in God, its order and goodness, the vocation of man, and finally the drama of sin and the hope of salvation
How can our human understanding, which shares in the light of the divine intellect, understand what God tells us by means of his creation?
We can understand what God tells us by the means of his creation, through not without great effort and only in a spirit of humility and respect before the creator and his work.
Did God have any help when he created the universe?
God alone created the universe, freely, directly and without any help.
On the subject of creation, what does the sacred text each us? What does it permit us to do?
It teaches the truths revealed by God for our salvation, permitting us to recognize the inner nature, the value and the ordering of the whole creation to the praise of God.
Here we read, “God created everything for man.” Why was man create?
To serve and love God and to offer all creation to him
How is human work related to the work of creation?
It proceeds directly from persons created in the image of God and called to prolong the work of creation by subduing the earth with and for one another
Give an example from our class discussion on threats to the dignity of man
Who, did Kreeft say, called a culture that says, “No to God” and “No to life” a culture of death?
Pope John Paul II
What is meant by saying that man is created in the image of God?
It is the whole human person that is intended to become, in the body of Christ, a temple of Spirit. It also shares in the dignity of the ‘image of God’
Can the human body live without the soul? Explain.
The human soul is expressed in the body and the body is not enslaved by the soul. Man is one being in 2 dimensions, bodily and spiritually
What is the purpose of sex as designed and willed by God?
God gives man 2 sacred events the Consecration of Mass and sex, in sex we give God the material needs for Him to create a new soul.
It is holy not only because of its origin but also because of its end, that purpose is to be the means of procreating the greatest things in the universe: new persons with immortal souls
Since God invented sex, does this mean that all forms of sexual expression are holy?
No, firstly it needs to be between a man and a woman to give God the material needs,
What is meant by this statement of Kreeft: We have rules for careful use of precious works of art, not for paper clips.
Something that is so very good ‘ontologically’, that is, in its being, essence, or nature, needs to be respected and rightly used. Misuse of something ontologically, the more seriously harmful its moral abuse is
Kreeft writes, “God created men and women different in nature but equal in value.” What does this mean?
Men and women are different in shape and anatomy but each soul and spirit is equally important’
If the first and foundational community was a man and a woman, what is the first foundation of all human community?
Choose three of the attributes of God and define them
God is simple- made of 3 persons not 3 parts (Trinity)
God is omniscient- all-knowing
God is omnipotent- God is all powerful, he created everything from nothing
What does our faith indicate when we call God Father?
That he is our creator, only one God
Choose three alternatives to God and define them.
Theism- people who believe in one God, and he is immanent and transcendent (Jews, Christians, Muslims)
Polytheism- belief in many Gods
Atheism- the belief in no God
Agnostic- belief in nothing about God and knowledge of nothing about God
Pantheist- believe that God is everything and everything is God or a part of God or an aspect of God
Deist- denies God’s immanence
Said He created the universe but denied God’s miracles
What makes the doctrine of creation unique for Jews, Christians, and Muslims?
Because God created everything from nothing, man cannot create but can be creative, can procreate through sexual intercourse
Is Man able to latterly create? Why or why not?
No man can be creative and procreate
In this chapter, Kreeft discusses the consequences of doctrine of creation from three different perspectives. What are these three perspectives? Give an example of each.
Nature of God- God must have infinite power to bring things an infinite distance from nothingness to being
Nature of the Universe- It is real, not just an appearance or a dream, as taught in most Hindu, Buddhist, and New Age philosophies
Human life- doctrine of creation alters not only our origin but also our destiny. The Church tell us that we are God’s children, created in his image and destined to share his heavenly glory. The modern secular world tells us that we are only accidentally evolved dust: ‘dust in the wind’ destined only for the dust of death.
Kreefts writes, “St. Therese of Lisieux said we can glorify God by picking up a pin for his sake.” Why does he say this?
Everything good comes from God, any deed done for God is good
What was God’s motive for creating the universe and ultimately us?
Love, pure unselfish love
What do we mean by divine providence
God’s plan/ plot from which he guides creation for perfection
Does the theory of evolution contradict the doctrine of creation?
What is the difference between first causes and secondary causes>
First Cause- God (supernatural)
Second Cause- What humans changed (natural)
What does the term angel, which is used to denote the spirit that serves God, mean? Is the term angel the name of their office or nature?
Angel means messenger
Do angels have free will?
Where did demons come from?
Fallen Angels, angles who revolted against God’s will
Can a faithful Christian be demon-possessed against his will?
No, even though many will be severely oppressed and all will be tempted.
What does moral evil harm? What does physical evil harm?
Moral evil harms our eternal souls. Physical evil harms our physical bodies
According to Kreeft’s discussion on the mystery of evil, what is the origin of moral evil in the world?
Adam and Eve’s taking of the apple being persuaded by the devil