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Sin is an offense against God as well as ____, ____, and ____.
Reason, truth, and right conscience
Sin is a deliberate ___, ___, ___, or ___ contrary to the eternal law of God.
thought, word, deed, or omission
The key word to remember in all of sin is ____.
Sin hurts my relationship with ___, ___, and ___.
God, others, and myself
What two things are necessary to commit a sin?
Knowledge and will
You have to know it is a sin and you have to know that you are choosing it.
You have to be free enough to commit the sin
Two kinds of sin
Commission and omission
Sin of commission
What I have done
Sin of omission
What I have not done
A mortal sin is sin whose to object is what?
Grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent.
___ ___ and ___ _ ___ do not diminish, but rather increase, the voluntary nature of a sin.
Feighed ignorance and hardness of heart
What is a venial sin?
When one commits a sin with less serious matter.
How is a venial sin as dangerous as a mortal sin?
With mortal sins, you at least know that there is a problem. With venial sins, they can work on us in very subtle and understated ways. We may not recognize them.
What is a personal sin?
Sin that a person individually commits.
We have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we _______.
Cooperate in them
How does the community cooperate in personal sin?
participating directly, advising or praising them, by not disclosing or hindering them when we have an obligation to do so, by protecting evil-doers
Personal sin has ______.
Communal effects
What is a communal sin?
A sin of a group, community, or culture. Ex. racism, consumerism
What are the capital sins?
Pride, avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth.
Pride is a sin against what?
Avarice (greed) is a sin against what?
Envy is a sin against what?
Wrath is a sin against what?
Lust is a sin against what?
Gluttony is a sin against what?
Sloth is a sin against what?
Seeing ourselves as we are and not comparing ourselves to others is humility. Pride and vanity are competitive. If someone else's pride really bothers you, you have a lot of pride.
Avarice (greed)
This is about more than money. Generosity means letting others get the credit or praise. It is giving without having expectations of the other person. Greed wants to get its "fair share" or a bit more.
Love actively seeks the good of others for their sake. Envy resents the good others receive or even might receive. Envy is almost indistinguishable from pride at times.
Kindness means taking the tender approach, with patience and compassion. Anger is often our first reaction to the problems of others. Impatience with the faults of others is related to this.
Self control and self mastery prevent pleasure from killing the soul by suffocation. Legitimate pleasures are controlled in the same way an athlete's muscles are: for maximum efficiency without damage. Lust is the self-destructive drive for pleasure out of proportion to its worth. Sex, power, or image can be used well, but they tend to go out of control.
Temperance accepts the natural limits of pleasures and preserves this natural balance. This does not pertain only to food, but to entertainment and other legitimate goods, and even the company of others.
Zeal is the energetic response of the heart to God's commands. The other sins work together to deaden the spiritual senses so we first become slow to respond to God and then drift completely into the sleep of complacency.