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way of life, lived was jesus christ the son of god lived it
free will
a gift from god to make possible the free choice to love God
virtue by which we love God above all things
habitual and firm disposition to do good
how is the life of holiness made possible and how is it strengthened?
it is made possibel through the grace recieved at baptism and is strengthened in confirmation
Acts of a human
w/o knowledge or deliberation
human act
performed with knowledge and free will
ability to make and carry out correct moral decisions
demand fro an account of ones acts before oneself and before a superior authority; includes accepting the consequesces of ones actions
what is the purpose of the freedom we have?
to do good for others and love god with our whole intention
what are the rational principals of the moral life?
freedom, consicence, and law
what two things does full knowledge presume?
knowing clearly what is being done
aware of the moral dimension
judgement of reason
invincible ignorance
cannot be overcome by ordinary diligence
vincible ignorance
ignorance that can be overcome by ordinary diligence
in cases where we must act immediately, what are three rules that must be followed?
1) evil means never justify good
2) love for god and neighbor overrides other things
3) the golden rule
eternal laws
gods wisdom as manifested in all acts and movements
natural law
part of external law that applies to the rational creature
what are the two basic characteristics of natural law?
sincere sorrow