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Kingdom of God in three words
Union With God
Explain Kingdom of God
all around us, on earth, in heaven, within us etc...
"The Kingdom of God is already but not yet"
already here: in us, but we are incomplete
not yet: it hasn't yet been fully realized
Explain realtionship between KOG and heaven
on earth we haven't fully realized the kingdom, but in heaven we have fully become knowing that the kingdom is everywhere. once in heaven you are incomplete but on earth you are incomplete
Parable vs proverb
parable: similies/metaphors, drawn from nature and everyday life, catches attention with vividness or strangness, provokes thought about application
Proverb: present truth in a vivid and challenging way that is meant to provoke a response, universal truth
differences: parable always is a story
similair: express common wisdom, teaching
Good Samaritan
Luke 11: 29-37
Messiah in Good Samaritan
putting everything on the line to help a man. had much more at risk. not from Judea, hated by Judeans so it was a risk to stop. he sacrifices his time, money, his own safety for an enemy
Discipleship in Good Samaraitan
stopping to help, true neighbor
KOG in Good Samaritan
we all need to help eachother and through helping eachother we bacome less incomplete and more whole. compassion for other's despite being your enemy or not
Sinful woman
Luke 8: 36-50
Messiah in sinful woman
Reads Simon's mind and answere his thought with parable of the debtors./ Simon was thinking if this man were really a prophet he would know who is touching him. Jesus knew a sinner was touching him but he let her anyways.... prophet
discipleship in Sinful woman
sinful woman had faith that Jesus will forgive her of her sins, the more preserving faith one had the more it signifies discipleship
KOG in Sinful Woman
blessed are the poor, she recognizes her need for forgiveness. she hears and acts on the word of God, treats him as he should br treated.
Rich young man
luke 15: 11-32
Messiah in Rich Young Man
Discipleship in Rich Youg Man
forgiving the bad son
KOG in rich youg man
son recognizing his sins and asking forgiveness for them... comes home
ex: Good Samaritan , he is in solidarity with the beaten man, he suffers with the man. together and united, we need to be one and suffer for eachother to accomplish something
with prestige God sees us differently but its not like that./ God views us all as the same, prestige gets in the way of solidarity by providing distinctions. we need to see eachother as God sees us, first as humans, this is possible with the help of grace...
solidarity related to prestige
*we are fundamentally equal in our humanity
*our struggles are the same
*we are a we not them
how Pharisees differ from other religious groups in first century Judaism
they resist the influence and power of the overcoming powers. not sell outs to powers. stayed out of religious and political circles. very strict and faithful. spoke out against the overcoming powers
religious differences between the Samaritans and the Judeans
they had different scriptures, religious practices (temples)
differences between the Samaritans and the Judeans
babylonians enslaved the judeans. as hasmonians took over the hatred for samaritans grew and more and mroe the samaritans were not let into the new way of life
ritual purity