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Jesus in hebrew?? what does the name reveal about Jesus?
"God Saves"
reveals: identity: savior
mission: to reconcile us to God
What does he save us from?
our sins through Jesus and his bringing salvation to his through hiss incarnation death resurrection
Explain connection between Jesus and the Jewish feast of the atonement?
Yhwh's name only used @ feast after sprinkling the mercy seat w/ sacrifical blood. mercy seat was place of God's presence. "God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself"
Jesus:new sacrifical offered for forgiveness of sins: once for all, not repeated... is also as same time priest and sacrifice since he offers himself as sacrifice
identity/mission shown through his birth
identity: from good citizens (following creed), born among the poor, messiah and lord
mission: save everyone, not just high and rich, but low and poor also
identity/mission shown through announcement to the shepards
identity: comes to all, wants to save all
mission: poor included, wants to save everyone
identity/mission shown through his baptism
identity: Son of God, dove comes on him says you are my son and i am pleased with you
mission: bring salvation to all
Jesus vs John the baptist
JB:mission:prepares way for J w/ baptism and repentence; recognition of sin, sorrow, forgiveness
J:mission:salvation, healing out relationship w/ god
JB and J:audience:outcasts, tax collectores, soldiers, masses
JB:identity:just human
J:human and divine
JB and J:identity:unusual births, prophets, divine intervention for speical purposes
jesus vs adam
Jesus:conceived by HS
Adam:God breaths life into dirt
J:1st man:new creation, 1st in order of perfection/best
A:1st man ever
J:restores creation to its original state
A:fall/sin:orignial state of perfection is destroyed by fall