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the first gospel was written around?
65-70 AD
the 3 worlds of the text are?
3)"in front of"
these are the 3 main settings/segments of Mark?
-Journey to Jerusalem
this word literally means "one who is sent?"
this term is when Jesus tells them to not tell anything they now of what he has done
messianic secret
before gospels were wrtten, stage two
oral tradition
"good news" - referring to the good news of and about jesus that was orignally passed-on orally
referring to the four written versions of the good news and about jesus that were written in the last quarter of the first century
(John, Mark, Matthew, and Luke)
True or False?

Gospel is a genre
false, its a literary technique
Gospels are:
-not biographies or strict history but testimonies of faith
-gives us greater access to the christ of faith rather then historical jesus
-records of christian faith based on experiences and theological reflection of the first believers
point of views of the Gospels were...
point of view : from FAITH, written by believers

audience: to FAITH, written for believers

purpose: for FAITH, written to strengthen faith
the Gospels are _____ not photographs
these are the 3 canonical gospels taht are __________, because of their similarities.
synoptic problems

(matt, mark, and luke)
this is explaing the problem by explained the multiple similarities and differences between the Gospels and what they suggest about the interrelationship of the Gospels
synoptic problem
a theory propsed by schlars as a solution to the "Synoptic Problem"
2 source theory
mark not ____ is the earliest gospel written
matthew and _____ used ______ as one of their sources when writing
Luke, Mark
this is the differens between Matthew and Luke where this explains the similarities and differences from Mark.
why is john not referred to in this theory? (two-source theory)
its is quite unique compared to the others. the evangelist that wrote it had his own ways of presenting the good news.
Throughout Mark's Gospel, the main question that is being asked is?
Who is Jesus?
The group of elders, cheif priests and scribes who made decisions regarding Judaism was known as?
the Sanhedrin
the first person in Mark to call Jesus the "Son of God" was?
a Roman soldier
this parable in Mark offers insigts about readying your life for discipleship?
the Sower
the title 'apostle' literally means?
one who is sent
what happens immediately after each 'call narrative'?
the power of evil shows itself
3 stages of the Gospels are?
1) historical events
2) oral tradition
3) gospels are written
the origin of christian faith?
1) historical jesus
2) resurrection (faith is born)
3) oral tradition
4) gospels
5) teaching the NT
non jewish people
gentile christians
originally jewish people
jewish christians
beliefs of the last things (world come to end)
official books in the bible that are authentic
where was mark written?
what may have been the circumstances of its writing? (MARK)
community may have suffered for their beliefs in Jesus
marks audience?
romans, gentile christien in rome
who was the same as john the baptist?

1st A = healing of a blind man


2nd A = healing of a bline man
framing technique
the purpose of the framing technique as a literary technique?
to show significance of the bigger story
marks audience and us today are...
______ are against Jesus
religous authorities
How and when is "Son of God" used?
the 1st to say it was a roman soldier
repent and have faith in Jesus, follow Jesus the kingdom of god is at your hands
What is the 'keynote' in mark?
repent and follow.... its important
why were the gospels not immediately written after Jesus' deaht and resurrection?
christians thought they were living at the end of history
the overall tone of the message in Mark could be described as?
Marks audience most likely..
lived in fear of death to their christian faith
the technique used in mark is..
the theme of 'discipleship' in Mark may be intended to:
offer encouragment to those struggling in faith
testament =
loyal, follow jesus, jdas betrayal, peters denial, questioning, foolish, very human

are characteristics of?
"behind" the text
suffer, persecuted, and challenges

are characteristics of...
"of" the text (audience)

is an example of??
"in front of" the text (us)
1) 1st 14 verses
2) Jesus vs religoius authorities
jesus vs demons
Jesus vs disciples
3) passion
4) passion/ crucifixion
5) tomb
6) resurrection