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The Emerald Tablet
text for alchemy inscribed on the surface of an emerald
elixer of life
substanced believed to maintain life indefinitely once sought by alchemists
desert wanderers
What was the world's greatest lie according to Melchizedek?
at one point in life, we lose contol of whats happening to us and our lives become controlled by faith
What language did the voy need to learn to travel?
What did the Englishman say the language of the world was written in?
luck and coincidence
What happened to santiago when he was digging up the treasure in Egypt?
robbers attacked him and stole everything he had
How did he know where the treasure was?
from the robber's dream
where was the tresure and what was it?
under the sycamore tree at the church; a chest full of gold
Who started saying to saying "Men for others"?
Pedro Arrupe, SJ
Who worked w/ ppl w/ plague?
St. John Francis Regis
Known as father of the poor
our freely chosen habit of responding positively to God
What does it mean that Jesus descended into hell?
the redemption Jesus won applies to all ppl of all times in history even those who died before him
a revealing or showing that Jesus was the promised Messiah
What is Gods saving in Jesus feeing us from sin and death?
What is revelation?
the way God revels to us
What were the 1st books written in teh new testament
the espistals
when God the Son takes on human flesh
What are the 3 reasons Christians have for believing in life after death?
1) Jesus rose ppl from the dead
2) He rose from the dead
3) He said he will come back for a second coming
What are the last four things?
death (catholic church)
seperation of the soul and body
Jesus reveals his divine glory to his apostles
solemn promise; or agreement, made between two parties
means testament
the serious sin of using dishonest or comtemptuous language to or about God
human dignity
respect we hold for all humans because they are made in God image
what happened to Jesus three days after his death
the spiritual principle within us
New Jerusalem
a term that describes the renewal of all creation we believe will take place at the end of time
second coming of Christ; means "arrival or coming"
worshiping other things or Gods over God