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what totally appalled the members of the Sanhedrin during thir examination of jesus was his claim of being?
somehow divine
the official Roman charge against Jesus was the he had
incited a revolt among the jews
Pontius Pilate
yielded to pressure from an angry mob in condemning to death a man he knew to be innocent
The Evangelist John suggested that Jesus' death on the cross
constituted a "new passover" for beleievers in Jesus
What does it mean to say that Jesus dies for our sins?
Through his death, Jesus bridges the seperation between God and Humanity that is created by sin.
A beating given before crucifiction
the place where Jesus was crucified, meaning "The Skull"
the method of execution reserved for non-Roman citisens and slaves
Jewish leader Herad Antipas was appointd as an authority over this region by the Romans
the price paid to release a slave
the place where Jesus experienced his agony in the garden