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Define Theology
reflection on and articulation of the belief structure that gives identity to the Christian people
Theology and faith liked
How Theology and faith different
faith immediate, theology focused on academic questions
Order Theology and Faith
Faith primary, theology secondary
How are scientists and Theologians different
Scientists test hypotheses and draw conclusions via observation of their universe. Theologians nor limited to observations,knowledge also comes from divine revelation
How do theologians go beyond scientists
our subject is God and God's relationship to creation including our participation
Theology and truth
no theological system encompasses reality in its fullness. Theologians study God, humans, world, but fullness beyond human intellect
What models are used in philosophy
Replica models, Analogue models
What model is theology
Whats the ongoing nature of the theological task
to assist church in bringing Christian faith into the contemporary culture
Three danagers of theological enterprise
Substitution (faith in theology and not God) Dogmatism (don't canonise manmade systems, Intellectualism - constructing system not our goal, goal is foster godly living in the faith community
What is theological method
constructing a theological model correctly using proper resources
What did Catholics use for their sources
Bible (as canonised by the church) and Apostolic tradition as handed down and augmented by the church
What source do protestants use
Bible only (Sola Scriptura)
Who was a big proponent of Bible only
Martin Luther