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first african to become batist
the slave Quassey at the Newton, Rhode island church in 1743
andrew bryan
organized first acrican church of savannah in 1788
seven mother denomonations of institutional african american church
AME - African Methodist Episcopal - 1816

AMEZ - African Methodist Episcopal Zion -1821

CME - Christian methodist episcopal - 1870

NBCUSAINC - National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc - 1895

NBCA - National Black Convention unincorporated - 1915

PNBC - Progressive National Baptist Convention - 1961

COGIC - Church of God in Christ - 1897
six sources of black theological methodology
1. Bible
2. African American Church
3. faith traditon of struggle for liberation
4. AA womens experience
5. culture
6. radical politics
Robert Alexander Young
freed black from new york who wrote the "ethiopian manifesto"
David Walker
born free, wrote "appeal to the couloured citizens of the world"
3 generals
gabriel, demark vesey, and nat turner.
Richard Allen
Founded the African Methodist Episcopol Church in 1816 in philadelphia
American Colonization Society
colony in liberia on the coast of west africa that transported free black to there from america
Martin Delany
abolitionist, first component of black nationalism and first field officer in the army
prince hall
founder of black freemasonry
jarena lee
first black women preacher in the AME church
black christology
the section of christian theology that deals with the identity of christ particualary with his human and divine nature as it is reflected in aa people