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Pillars of absolutism
*diving right to rule
*bureacracy - representative assemblies (aristocrats/landowners) to collect taxes (only peasants pay taxes and money is used for wars)
*standing army - army in times of peace and war
*church - extention of the royal power - work togehter w/ aristocrat king - oppress majority of ppl (tax payers)
*mercantilism - economic foundation - self sufficiency - everything in hands of govt' - no free trade - export a lot ..import little to nothing
Louis XIV of france
*longest reign in European history
*enhance france & personal glory
*image everywhere - coins, statues, paintings
*church and nobility almost immune to taxes - peasants paid
*"age of magnificence"
*devout christian - wanted to build and extend french influence
*told councilors not to do ne thing w/ out askin him first
*collaborated nobility to give $ for his projects - increase his prestige and theirs (have peace w/ a potential enemy)
*wanted unified centralized gov't - didnt' tolerate critics/opposition
*prohibited ppl to speak own language (1 language - french, 1 religion - catholicism)
*one king, one law, one faith
Palace of Versailles
*surrounded by formal gardens
*symbol of Louis power
*hall of mirrors - project dazzling light on ceilings - great art
*very expensive
revocation of edict of nantes
*was for religious toleration
*louis campaigned for repression of Huguenots - monarchy and nobility coincied
- revoked edict of nantes
*destruction of churches, school, catholic baptisms of huguenots, huguenots priests exiled if they did not renounce their faith
*louis greatest finance minister
*louis wars were drain on economy
*boost french exports - b/c self sufficient - import nothing
*special privelages to skilled craftsmant immigrants - in order to make france self sufficient
*high foreign tarrifs to prevent importing
*expanded french navy to protect exports
decline of absolutism of spain
*gold and silver from america was basis of power
*quantity of metal decreased b/c slaves/indians who worked mines were dying
*almost non existant middle class
*population decline
*failure to invest in productive enterprises
*sp b/c 2nd rate power
Constitutional monarchy in England
*Charles I vs. parliament
*the kings failure to support protestants during the 30 yrs war
*his biggest enemy = puritans - wanted to purify church..
*king resisted and closed parliament b/c needed $
*war - kind executed and beheaded