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treaty of cateau Cambresis
ended the Habsburg valois wars.
*spain won
*initiated a period of conflicts in which politics and religions played the dominant roles
Difficulties in France
*huge population losses b/c of plauge and hundred years war
*created labor shortage (serfdom almost dissappeared)
*helped peasantry...hindered nobility
Francis I
issued an ordinacne that placed france under the jurisdiction of roayal law courts and made french the language of the courts
*had a powerful centrallizing power
*put a taille (tax) on land to support his standing army
Habsburg - Valois Wars
*very costly
*francis tried to raise money by the sale of public offices and a treaty w/ the papacy (concordat of Bologna - agreed to recognize supremacy of papacy over universal council and gained the right to appoint all french bishops and abbots) - ensured french as catholic
Thirty Years War
*conflict over religious faith
*peace of westphalia - treaty that recognized the sovereign, independent authority of more than 300 german princes, each would govern his territory and make war and peace
Germany after the 30s yr war
*most destructive event econimcally and socially
*1/3 of urban residents and 2/5 of rural residents died
*land destroyed - agricultural areas suffered
*rise in value of labor
*30 yr war led to legal and economic decline of the largest segment of german society
Portugese exploration
*first ppl to explore/take overseas territories
*crusade to christianize muslims and to find gold, and an overseas route to the spice markets of india
*Prince Henry "the navigatoR" established school for the study of geography and navigation
*by 1500 portugal controlled flow of gold to Europe (most came from Sudan, Ghana)
Vasca De Gama
Portugese explorer
*reached india and returned w/ spices and cloth
*1500 - coast of brazil sighted and claimed the crown of portugal
technological stimuli to exploration
*caravel - a small light 3 mastered sailing ship
*magnetic compass
*astrolabe - measures altitude of sun and other celestial bodies
Problems of christopher
&significance of his voyage
*recently undergone severe criticism
*enslaved and sometimes killed indians he encountered
*was a cruel and ineffective governor of spains caribbean colony
*deeply religious man - witnessed spanish conquet of granada and shared in nationalism - understood christianity as a missionary religion - should spread
*did not discover america - europeans and africans there b4 him
*misunderstood what he had found
*abandoned mother of his illegitimate son
*some claim he is the originator of esploitation of non european world

*wanted to find direct ocean route to asia that would prove for expanded trade for spain
*find a route to spices of suotheast asia
*was killed but expedition continued
*storms , mutiny, starvation and disese haunted the voyage
*proved earth was round and larger than colombus thought
*arrived in mexico in 1519
*took aztec ameperor montezuma captive and conquered rich aztec empire
*founded mexico city as capital of new spain
Francisco Pizzaro
*went to peru and crushed inca empire in west s. america
*establish spanish viceroyalty of peru w center @ lima
Dutch East India Company
*first imperialistic company
*expelled the portugese from ceylon and other east indian islands
John Cabot
*explored North east coast of north america - found newfoundland
John cartier
*made serveral voyages and explored the st. lawrence region of canada
The economic effects of Spains discoveries in the New World
*golden century of spain
*precious metals into spain from american colonies
*population increased
*establishment of new colonies created larger demand for goods in spain
*economy could not meet the demands --> led to inflation --> government went bankrupt
- greatly hurt nobles fixed incomes
The Columbian Exchange
*european involvement in the americas led to the acceleration of glabal contacts
*age of discovery led to migration of ppl which led to exchange of animals, plants and DISEASE
European slavery
*native american slaves not accustomed to harshness of spanish exploitation
*could not work in sun for 12 horus a day--died quickly
*decided to import blacks for better labor
*1518 african slave trade began
*dutch west india company and royal african company - transported slaves
*many prejudices and racial attitudes
Michel de montaigne
*wrote essays about living in accordance w/ nature and god
*research is means of learning and ignorance is the end
*rejected dogmatism
Baroque art and music
*stressed influence of Rome and the revitalized catholic church
*appealed to senses
*religious emotionalism