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The Passing of traitsfrom parents to offspring
What are genes?
Units of instruction that produce or influence a specific trait in the offspring.
Where are genes located?
On Chromosomes
What are offspring that differ from their parents in one or more traits?
What does dominent mean?
genes that determine the expression of the genetic trait in offspring.
What does recessive mean?
genes are overruled by dominant genes, which determine the genetic trait.
What does Segregation mean?
refers to the separation of paired enes during meiosis.
What does Hybrids mean?
the result from crossers between parents that are genetically dissimilar.
What does Genotype mean?
refers tp the genes an organism contains.
What does Phenotype mean?
observable traits of an organism that arise because of the interaction between genes and the enviorment.
What does Homozygous mean?
a genotype in which both genes of a pair are identical.
What does Heteroxygous mean?
a genotype in which the gene pairs are different
What are Alleles?
They are two or more alternate forms of a gene.
What is a Monohybrid cross?
It involves one gene pair of contrasting traits.
What is a Punnett square?
It is a chart used by geneticsists to show the possible combinations of alleles in offspring.