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What is Realism?
Theatrical style which imitates real life
What is a Theatrical Style?
Words used to describe how an artist imitates reality
What are the six styles?
What are 2 styles that imitate Objective reality?
What are 2 styles that imitate Subjective Reality?
What is an Objective Reality Style?
Shows us the world through a scientist's eyes, and invites us to evaluate things by what they look like and how familiar they sound
What is a Subjective Reality Style?
Shows how the artist feels about reality, and how his feelings influence the way things look. Dialogue can be unfamiliar.
What is an Idealized Reality?
The world is portrayed as being perfect, and shows what the artist wishes the world to be.
Who wrote The Glass Menagerie?
Tennessee Williams
Who wrote Waiting for Godot?
Samuel Beckett
When was The Glass Menagerie first produced?
When was Waiting for Godot first produced?
What is The Glass Menagerie about?
Tom hates his job and wants to run away and join the merchant marines and be a poet. His sister is frail and mother is oppressive. Laura, the sister is pushed to be married, but lives in a dream world populated by her glass animals.
What is Waiting for Godot about?
Didi (Vladimir) is smart and tries to figure out where he is. His companion Gogo iis opptimistic but immature. See pgs 44-45
What is Expressionism?
Seeing the play through the eyes of the central character.
What traits are part of Expressionism?
1-You experience story through eyes of the character which is tormented by society, business, or war?
2-The scenery, costume, makeup is distorted
3-The characters speak in short dialogue
4-Most of the characters have names that describe what they do
What is Surrealism?
Based on the belief that images of our subconscious reveal the truth which is beautiful, lyrical, and sometimes very funny.
What are traits of Surrealism?
1-The scenery, costumes, makeup, etc are distorted
2-People or objects change appearance
3-The tone of the play is whimsical and amusing whit visual jokes
4-The play offers an altered sense of time
5-Logic of sequence of events is hard to follow
What is Postmodernism?
describes the innovations in artistic expression in the years since Modern Art
What is Classicism?
Based on the belief that we can learn the truth if we use our powers of reason to create an ideal world.
What are some traits of Classicism?
1-Scenery and costumes are reminiscent of Greece
2-Characters speak formally and engage in intellectual debates
3-The central character asserts his or her will in an effort to control basic impulses
4-The tone of the play is intellectual
What is Romanticism?
Based on the belief that truth is discovered through feeling emotions of our idealized image of perfection
What are some traits of Romanticism?
1-The action is set in an exotic and distant era
2-Characters speak in elevated language
3-The central character is striving toward an ideal that cant be acieved in real life
4-You are swept up in the adventures of the plot and the thrilling emotions
What does a Reviewer do?
Refers to reporters who write about plays for a daily newspaper and who only stick to the 5 W's
What does a Critic do?
Refers to the critiques for weekly or montly publications in newspapers and have sufficient time to write analysises of plays
What should a skilled reviewer do?
Compare the play to others they have already written about, and let the reader know whether or not the play was a success
What is a Critique?
Should reveal that the writer is well educated and knows the many different schools of criticism
Why were Scholars mentioned in the text?
They do historical, analytical, and theoretical research and then make contributions to our knowledge by writing about it.
What is an Essay in theatrical terms?
A short, forceful, and well-organized presentation of an idea that aspires to persuade the reader to agree with the writer's thesis
What does a well written Essay have?
Introduction - states the thesis succinctly
Main Body - Supports the thesis with evidence and arguments
Conclusion - Restates the thesis
Who is Goethe and why is he important?
German playwright from 200yrs ago and asked 3 question
What are the 3 important questions about Writing Theatre?
1-What was the artist trying to do?
2-Did the artist succeed in doing it?
3-Was it worth the doing?