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What is the setting of Act One, Part One?
Morning room of Algernon's flat in the fashionable Mayfair secction of London's west end
Who is Lane?
Algernon's butler
In Act One, who plays piano badly?
Who comes for tea in Act one?
Lady Bracknell and Gwendolen Fairfax
Who is Lady Bracknell?
Algernon's Aunt. Gwendolen's mom
Where is Jack's country estate?
Where is Jack known as Earnest?
In London
Where was Jack discovered as a baby?
in a handbag in the claockroom of Victoria Station by an old man who adopted him
The old man who adopted Jack subsequently made Jack guardian of who?
To his granddaughter, Cecily Cardew.
Who invented a fictional friend "Bunbury," an invalid whose frequently sudden relapses allow him to wriggle out of unpleasant or drull social obligations?
Algernon Moncrieff
Who is Gwendolen Fairfax?
Algernon's cousin and Lady Bracknell's daughtre. She is in love with Jack.
Who is fixated on the name Earnest and says she will not marry a man w/o that name?
Gwendolen Fairfax
What is Jack's last name?
Worthing, J.P (the initials after his name indicate that he is a Justice of the Peace)
In Act One, what brings Jack to Algernon's house?
"pleasure"/he wants to propose to Gwendolen Fairfax
Who gets scolded by Algernon for trying to eat the cucumber sandwiches?
What does Algernon suggest Jack eat instead of the cucumber sandwiches?
the bread and butter, which has been ordered for Gwendolen
In Act One, why does Algernon say he doubts Jack wil ever be married to Gwendolen?
Reminds Jack that Gwendolen is his first cousin. Says before he gives his consent to the union, Jack will have to clear up the whole ? of Cecily."
what did algernon leave in the cigarette room?
a cigarette case
what is the cigarette case inscribed with?
from "little cecily" to "her dear Uncle Jack"
What does Algernon pull out as evidence that Jack's name is Earnest?
Jack's visiting card
Who adopted Jack as a boy?
Mr Thomas Cardew
Who is Cecily Cardew's governess?
Miss Prism
Why is Jack Jack in the country and Earnest in town?
Anyone paced in teh position of legal guardian must have moral view about everything, and since the utmost morality doesn't bring great happiness, he has always pretended to have a troublesome younger brother named Earnest who lives at the Albany Hotel and who frequently gets in trouble. This false brother gives Jack and excuse to go to town whenever he wants.
Why are there no cucumber sandwiches left by the time Lady Bracknell arrives? What excuse does Algernon use?
Algernon ate them all. Blames it on Lane. Lane says there were no cucumbers at the store.
In Act Two, what does Lady Bracknell tell Algernon he wants him to do? What is Algernon's excuse as to why he can't?
Take a married woman out to dinner that evening. Algernon uses sick Bunbury as excuse not to come to dinner.
Who gets irritated about Bunbury's "shilly shallying" over the question of whether he'll live or die?
Lady Bracknell
In Act Two, how is Algernon able to get Lady Bracknell to leave the room so Jack can propose to Gwendolen?
Algernon goes over the muscial program for an upcoming reception with Lady Bracknell
What does Gwendolen say when Jack asks her to marry him?
Yes, she loves him, but only becuase his name is Earnest
What happens after Jack proposes to Gwendolen?
Lady Bracknell interviews him
Why does Lady Bracknell forbit the marriage b/n Jack and Gwendolen?
b/c he didnt know who his parents were
Algernon asks Jack if he's told Gwendolen the truth about being Earnest in town and Jack in the country, and what does Jack say?
No, b/c he's gonna kill off Earnest by the end of week by having him catch a severe cold in Paris
Algernon asks if Jack has told Gwendolen ab. his ward, Cecily, and what does Jack say?
Cecily & Gwendolen will become friends and "will be calling e/o sister."
Gwendolen asks for Jack's country address. What does Algernon do?
listens in, and jts it down on hs cuff. then tells Lane he's gonna go "bunburying" the next day, and says to lay out all the Bunburrying suits.
Whats the setting of Act II, Part One?
garden of Manor House, Jack's country estate in Hertfordshire.
In the beginning of Act II, Part One, what is Miss Prism trying to get Gwendolen to do? What does Ceciy say she would rahter do?
Study her German lesson. Water flowers.
In Act Two, Part One, what does Miss. Prism tell Cecily to put away? Why?
her diary, tells her to rely on memory instead.
Why does Cecily say she writes in her diary?
memory is inaccurate and responsible for excessively long, 3-volume novels.
Who said "Don't criticize long novels. I wrote one myself in earlier days."
Miss Prism
In Act II, Part One, who does Cecily tell that Miss Prism has a headache and should take a walk with him, noting the unspoken attraction b/n him and Miss Prism.
Dr. Chasuble
Who si Merriman?
The butler
Who arrives from the station with is luggage?
Mr. Earnest Worthing, who is actually Algernon, masquerading as Jack's nonexistant brother.
When "Earnest arrives" in Act two, where does Cecily explain Jack is?
says jack has gone to town to buy earnest traveling clothes, b/c he plans to send him to Australia as a last resort. he wont be home till mon.