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What country and quote describes placing the focus of plays on man's physical experience?
"Man is the measure of all things."
How does the Greek interest in philosophy affect their plays?
The origin of theatre comes from what?
Ritual Practice;
What are the Greek Scenic Units?
Name the 3 Greek Playwrights known for their tragic artform?
Sophocles is known for what?
Inventing the "3rd Actor" and Scenic painting
Who is the 4th Greek Playwright that is the only example of Complete Comedy?
What are the Romans known for?
*Creating few innovations
*Perfecting "stock characters"
Who are the Roman Playwrights?
What is Seneca known for?
Inventing the 5 Act form and writing "closet dramas."
What country and quote describes placing the focus of the plays on the TRUE INVISIBLE WORLD?
Asian Theatre
"Truth is that which does not change."
Asian theatre rejects what?
Depicting the physical world
What is the oldest form of (Asian) theatre?
Sanskrit Drama
What innovation did the Beijing Opera provide?
Black clothing on stagehands makes them invisible
What are the three Japanese forms of theatre?
What characteristics describe the "Noh?"
Male performers wearing masks, influenced by ZEN, reflecting the value of tradition.
What characteristics describe "Bunraku?"
Puppet operators are visible.
What characteristics describe "Kabuki?"
They will do anything to create an emotional response.
What time period is the Afterlife more important that the physical world?
Medieval theatre exhibited what?
The 1st examples of episodic structure.
What playwright is famous from Medieval theatre?
What event profoundly affected theatre in Elizabethan times?
The sinking of the Spanish Armada.
Why would Elizabethan playwrights write long speeches and monologues?
Because their audience was very interested in language.
Who are the famous Elizabethan playwrights?
*Christopher Marlow
*Ben Jonson
*William Shakespeare
What is Chistopher Marlow famous for?
Perfecting the Iambic pentameter form.
What is Ben Jonson famous for?
Being the most respected playwright of the time.
What is William Shakespeare famous for?
Being the most popular playwright.
What time period was "The Academie" formed
French Neoclassical
What rules did "The Academie" come up with?
The Unities
What are the three Unities?
1. Time (24hrs or less)
2. Place (one place only)
3. Action (one plot, no subplots)
What era of theatre rejected the value of logic rationalism in favor of sentiment?
What resulted from Romanticism?
The birth of the MELODRAMA
What are the two characteristics of Epic Theatre?
*Attempts to create an intellectual experience
*Rejects theatrical illusion