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What is Theatre?
What is Art?
1. created by humans
2. Provides the perception of order
3. subject and medium- what is it about? what method is used to create it?
4. communicated to emotions
Art requires:

ie: an actor + an audience = theatre
What is the Purpose of Art?
- to help understand human experience
- to improve upon nature
- to capture nature
Where does the word theatre come from?
greek word "theatron" means "seeing place"
Theatre versus Drama
theatre: the live production
drama: the literature
The 5 Categories (Types) of Theatre:
- Commercial
- historical
- political
- experimental
- cultural
The 3 genres of Theatre
- tragedy
- comedy
- tragicomedy
Procenium Theatre
"picture fram stage"
Thrust Theatre
seating on three sides
Arena Theatre
"theatre in the round"
Suspension of Disbelief
Willingness to accept new "reality" on stage
Aesthetic Distance
ability of the audience to distance themselves and reflect on a story, awareness that art and reality are not the same
Johann Wolfgang Goethe- How do you criticize art?
1. What is the artist trying to do? (purpose, communication, etc)
2. How well has the artist done it? (story, acting, stage design, etc)
3. Was the attempt worth making? (value judgement)
Who is Aristotle?
A Greek philosopher, possible author of "The Poetics"