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How are play titles written?
In italics or underlined
What are Aristotles Six Elements of Theatre?
1. Plot
2. Thought
3. Diction
4. Character
5. Spectacle
6. Song/Music
What are the four main components of structural analysis?
1. Point of attack
2. Climax
3. Exposition
4. Denouement
What are the two main types of dramatic structure?
1. Episodic
2. Climactic
How does the theatre progress during Greek times?
It flourished because the government sanctioned and promoted the artform
What are the four characteristics of Greek Theatre?
1. Violence occurs off stage
2. Genres were never mixed
3. Actors wore masks
4. Written in VERSE
What Greek Playwrights were famous for their TRAGEDIES?
1. Aeschylus
2. Sophocles
3. Euripedes
What Greek Playwright(s) was/were famous for their Complete Comedies?
How did theatre progress during the Medieval times?
Disappeared while Church prohibited theatre activity
What era of theatre used SPECIAL EFFECTS?
Name the THREE characteristics of Medieval theatre.
1. Emphasis on the Afterlife
2. 1st use of Episodic structure
3.Mainly Bible stories, then morality & miracle stories
In Medieval theatre the location was called what?
In Medieval theatre the acting space in front of the mansion was called what?
What famous playwright comes from the Medieval theatre?
How did theatre progress during Elizabethan times?
Queen Elizabeth sanctioned and supported it, allowing it to grow.
Shakespeares (and others) writing changed after what occurance?
King James I ascends the throne
Christopher Marlowe contributed what to theatre?
Perfection of the Iambic Pentameter
There are some "Combonation Characteristics" in Elizabethan Theatre. What are they?
Combonation of...
-Medieval & Renaissance
-Episodic & Climactic structure
-Tragedy & Comedy
In Elizabethan Theatre was the violence shown on or off stage? What era influenced this?
*ON stage
Why would Elizabethan playwrights include long speeches and monologues in their plays?
Their audience loved the English Language
Who are the famous Elizabethan playwrights?
1. Christopher Marlowe
2. William Shakespeare
3. Ben Jonson
What Era is responsible for the UNITIES?
French Neoclassical
What are the three Unities?
1. Time (less than 24hrs)
2. Place (only one place)
3. Action (only one plot)
Who is the playwright famous from the French Neoclassical Era?
Moliere is thought of as what?
The French equivalent of Shakespeare
What was the most influential movement on Western theatre practice?
What are the two main characteristics of Epic theatre?
1. Desire to create an intellectual experience
2. Alienation
What is Alienation?
It is reminding us that we are in a theatre watching a play; it destroys theatrical illusion
What are the three characteristics of Theatre of the Absurd?
1. Illogical plot
2. Non-sequitors
3. Artists influences by existentialsim
Modern theatre combines what two things?
realism & non-realism
Who are the famous playwrights from Modern Theatre?
1. Eugene O'Niell
2. Arthur Miller
3. Tennessee Williams
What word most acurately describes Contemporary Theatre?
Who are the famous playwrights from Contemporary theatre?
1. David Mamet
2. Wendy Wasserstein
3. Tony Kushner