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Why is effective costuming important to a good production?
Means of charcterizing a role. It is also a vital part of the total stage design.
A costume reveals...
social status, tastes and idiosyncrasies
Color coding can...
identify family, same group, lovers
The first step in costume design is to...
study the play carefully
THe 2nd step in costume design is to meet with...
director scenic deisgner and tech
3rd step in costume design...
meaurements, sketches
() must be tried under the lights for the show. Then a () is producted.
Swatches, costume parade
List some costumers considerations...
the kind of action, the comfort of the actors, the durability of fabrics, historical period, total design of productions
What charac. slederize characters...
long, vertical lines: black colorsL subtle patterns: dark velvet
Adds weight to char.
horizontal lines, white or light colors, bold patterns,
A costume plot...
describes colors, fabrics and accessories.