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What is spin?
Manipulation, trying to make a bad scene good.
Theatre vs. Film?
Theatre is spontaneous.
It is perceived as being new.(although rehearsed many times)
"The willing suspension of disbelief" -?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
What are the three types of performance?
-Everyday actions
-Act done in front of Audience
-Act done in front of Audience in a special location.
Define theatron
Greek word meaning theatre going= Seeing a place
What is the magic circle?
Making a space different from everyday life.
-taking a different tone in the circle.
-take reality and put it in different frame
Meaning of Ludic Quality.
Transforming from real life to play.
What are the rules of play?
Aside- acknowledge audience directly
Silioquy-character talks outloud but not to the audience
Drama vs. Theatre?
Drama- The story and the energy we bring to it
Theatre- where the story occurs
Aristotle's poetics (six components)
phases of action?
iniciting incident
What is the exposition?
Time frame where audience learns about the characters
Something that happens that throws the whole world of exposition of balance is called?
Inciting Incident
Another word for the resolution?
The high point when you find out what will come out of the whole situation is _____?
Other names for Drama.
Conflicts, oppositions, contracts, dualities, and tension
Name stage directions?
Upstage- away from audience
Downstage- towards audience
Left/Right- performers view point
Decribe a raked stage
The stage was at a slant and the audience was flat. Now it is reversed.
An Arena is a stage where the audience views from all four sides. (T/F)
Traverse seating is when the audience just views from one side of the stage. (T/f)
False- The audience views from two opposite sides of the stage.
Inns of Courts is what?
Law School where lawyers performed.
Certain role that the actor was focused on was their ____?
Line of business
The "Clink" was the name of the tavern where actors celebrated after performances. (T/F)
False, The clink was the prison on the Bankside.
The location where the Globe was is called the _____?
The word used to decribe the worshipping of Shakespeare's work.
The name of the theatre in Shakespeare's home town.
What does being part of a canon mean?
In canon if you had great plays.
Shakespeare was in Canon of Western Lit.
____ wanted the ____ rebuilt but died before it was built.
Sam Wannamaker
The Globe
Who is Cameron Mackintosh?
Big time hit broadway show producer
Average cost for a Broadway, Off Broadway, Las Vegas, and Swine Palace production.
Broadway 6-12 mill.
Off BWay 1-5
Vegas 25
Swine Palace 3.5 annually
Who was the producer of the Lion King? What was their original job?
Julie Taymor- designer
define a ritual performance
a type of performance that we act over and over again and positive comes from that; comes out due to anxiety
What two Greek words make up drama? What are their definitions?
Dran- to do-action
Agon- labor. english word agony
What are semiotic signs? (ex. too)
systems of codes that emit signs ;costume, audio, sound, language, body movements (all emit semiotic signs)
_____ is the first play ever recorded. What type of performance was it?
Abydos Passion Play Osiris, Isis, Pharaoh.
What is the equation for conflict?
force+resistance= conflict
Who wrote Zoo Story?
Edward Albee
What is the difference between business and blocking?
Business is the manual movements such as hand gestures.
Blocking is the trafficing on stage (large scale movement)
Decribe lighting transformations over the years.
Greeks used natural light (performed during the day)
Evolved to gas lighting in 1803.
1879 electric lighting.
What is the most common type of theatre?
What was the name of Shakespeare's company?
Lord Chamberlain's men
What event occurred in 1642?
Puritans shut down all theatres. Thought they were evil.
When was the Tempest staged?
1611. Thought to be shakespeare's last play.
What was the end of the Tempest to Shakespeare?
His opinion of what the world should be like.
Who was Prospero?
centeral character, like wizard who studied magic, Duke of Milan, liked his books
Who overthrows Propero?
Who is Miranda and how long has she been on the island?
Propero's daughter, 12 years
_____ is the son of ______ who falls in love with Miranda.
Ferdinand, Alonzo
Who are used as comic relief in Shakespeare's Tempest?
Triculo- jester
Stephano- butler
Who is the leader of Maples?
What is the most theatrical scene in the Tempest?
Prospero makes a feast but takes it away to punish the two men
Who is Aime Ceasaire?
Carribean man who wrote his on Tempest
Who produced Shakepeare in Love?
Miramax (disney bought miramax)
Shakespeare in Love is a drama similar to what shakespearian play?
Romeo and Juliet
Who gives Shakespeare advice on his new play?
Christopher Marlowe
What was the name of the theatre where Romeo and Juliet was performed? Which theatre was closed down due to a female actor?
The Curtain, The Rose
Who owned the curtain?
Who did Ben Affleck play?
Ned Allyn-real actor in Shakespeare's time
Why does shakespeare want fifty pounds?
He wants to become a shareholder in the company
Who is Henslowe?
Producer of the company and owner of the Rose
Who stood in the pit?
Prostitutes, the lower class.
Oklahoma, which premiered in ___, was based off of _____.
1943, Green Grow the Lilacs
Jill Dolan derived the Utopian Performance. Define.
A performance even in which audience members put their disagreements on hold to celebrate a shared sense of a brighter future.
What is a Hurrah-Word
A general word or phrase (like community, love, freedom, God, or moral values) that inspires unity and common action in a social group.
Theatre in which a professional artist (or group of artists) works with a community to create and perform a show about that community.
Community Based Theatre
Who is in charge of the business of a play, the money.
The producer
What is color coding?
a “trick,” use similar colors in pallet of costumes to link two characters together
How did the Milwaukee Repertory portray Caliban, Miranda, and Prospero?
Caliban- white, more of the servant type
Miranda- angelic
Prospero- priestly
A director's job is to ______.
Figure out what elements to highlight or emphasize in the script, so that the production is not just plain…it is somewhat different than every other production on the show.
What are the production concept choices the producer has?
What's the difference between the stage performance and the text of the Tempest when talking about where the Europeans are from?
Text- Italy
Stage Performance- many different countries in Europe
In the City Dionsia play, who did Archon play?
played roll of producer; incharge of getting actors
Who is a Choregos?
a wealthy individual who donated money for festival in Athens
Angels are ______.
People who donate money for a production
What are the producer's responsibilities?
Choose script or poperty, make sure to get rights to produce this play.
Finds the site, or where to house the play
Does not do casting but deals with talent
oServes as public relation agent
Who was Steven Soderberg?
Producer of Erin Brochovich and Traffic. Both were nominated for best picture in the same year.
Where were very expensive upscale plays performed?
Dury Lane
What was the Finborough?
poor, because can’t pay to have any where else, so may perform on top of bar and incourage people to drink; actors not paid, may get tude money, which means they can get back and forth from home.
In what year did broadway reach its height? How many shows were performed that year?
200 a year
How many shows are performed now adays?
70 a year
How many people do theatres on Bway hold?
What play hit off theatre in the '90s?
What is the difference between Bway and Off-Bway?
Theatres are smaller Off
Tickets are cheaper
What did regional theatre do? What was the most famous regional theatre?
It challenged the fact that you had to be in NYC to make it in theatre
Actors Theatre
What is L.O.R.T.?
League of Resident Theatre- regional theatre belonged to this organization.
What is civic theatre?
people who want to prove cultural life in Baton Rouge (B.R. little theatre)
What is alternative theatre?
different population/community that want to deal with social, political, etc. problems
Who was considered the "father of directing"?
George II
(extended rehearsals, focused on positioning people on stage, famous for 200 people on stage)
Who is in charge of the scenery?
The Art Director/scenic designer
What was an ekkylema?
(greek)- onstage bed called the "gore" b/c it did bad things to you off stage
What kind of scenery did Shakespeare have?
He didnt have scenery, he used language to describe scenery
How did scenery change after Shakespeare's time?
Theatres moved indoors and used prop cloth that was twoD and had no particular meaning.
Who was E. Gordon Craig?
The "father of scenic design"
Decided that scenery should be 3D and each play should have its own scenic design.
Who was the "father of lighting design"?
Adolph Appia
What two art forms are used to help aid the director in deciding how the performance will be worked out?
Rendering- stale painting used for color and set
Model- helpful with "business"
What is the technical directors role?
Oversees the production of scenery
Describe the very last thing done at the end of a performance.
Strike- scenery is taken apart and thrown away. Some items that can be reused may be kept such as wood.
Costumes may be made from scratch. This is called ____?
being built
When costumes are taken from storage is it called?
Pull costumes
What occurs during a costume parade?
Costumes are displayed and final cuts and fittings are made.
What is color coding?
Using colors to bring the characters together or apart.
dislike-opposing colors
like- same colors
A prosthesis is _____?
A costume prop. An extra part of the costume to give an effect.
ex: fat suit, pregnant woman, hump back
What are the elements of the costumes?
texture line
What does height say about a person on stage?
The higher the character...the more powerful
Plato did not like theatre because ...
He was against the actors creating illusions and deceiving people.
What are the effects of the mask an actor wears?
Strange things may occur. ie stutter gone.
What was the social status of actors in Rome?
They were at the bottom of the class system.
Moliere...what happened to him?
He declared that he was an actor and he was then excommunicated from the catholic church, couldnt give land to his children, and couldnt be buried in cemetery.
What is the name of the Actor's Union and how do you become an actor?
Actor's Equity
Natural Talent
Apprenticeship- study with professional company
MFA- Master's of Fine Arts (performing arts degree)
What do you need to be a good auditioner?
Need to be a good audition who accepts rejection. Study role before hand.
What is a subtext?
A meaning below a word. One thing is said but there is another meaning below it.
When something goes wrong on stage, what must the actor be able to do?
make adjustements
What is the inner approach to acting?
Stranislasvki- Russian Director.
Actor must feel the exact same emotion as the character
What does the actor use to perform with an inner approach?
Emotion memory- thinki bad on a memory that makes you experience the emotion needed for the character.
Who was Strasberg?
part of the Actors Studio. studied Stranislasvki in Russia and went back and taught it in USA.
What is the outer approach to acting?
creating a believable exterior without feeling the emotion on the inside
What did Diderot write about?
the paradox of acting. Actor should never feel what the character feels. Remain cool and collected.