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Shakespeare's Theater
The Globe, previously known as The Theatre
Globe description
located in Southwark, original (The Theatre) built 1399 and burned down 1613
about half of ppl at theater stood around stage in the pit or yard and payed 1 cent
Had roof over and cost about 2 cents to sit in with extra 1 cent for a cushion
Theater Times
Started about 2pm and lasted about 2 hours, wasn't at night because there was no sstage lights, only the sun
Theater Differences from Today's Theater
No scenery, rather told in dialogue; very few props; costumes many times were from the wrong period of time; no women in plays, so younger boys played the part
an error in time
Trap Doors
compartments in and under the stage to add effect
where groundlings stood, in Globe there was straw/nutshells rather than mud for flooring
an area right above the stage that was also used for acting, especially to serve as a hill or high place
Discovery Room
Housed special scenes, when not in use blocked off by curtain; was right behind the stage
area underneath the stage which trapdoors went into
Lord's Room
Most expensive seat 6/7 cents, and was right above the balcony
The ceiling, or roof covering the stage containing pulleys and ropes
Tiring Room
above the heavens; a dressing room for actors to change their attire
Globe flags
The normal flag pictured Hercules holding the globe, When play was going to happen: white for comedy, red for history, green for tradgedy
Theater began where?
Ancient Greece with troubadors, acting groups, and minstrels
Vagrancy Laws
caused problems w/actors because laws were against homeless and actors weren't considered to have jobs
favkred King Henry VIII, wanted to purify church of anything fun or sinful (including singing and dancing)
Nobility sponsored acting companies which gave actors money and employment and protected them against Vagrancy Laws
James Burbage
Came up with the first permanent theater and had one built and named it "The Theatre" (later to be known as the Globe); had sons Richard (actor)and Cuthbert (accountant)
Advantages to a Permanent Theater
encouraged a regular audience; offered steady income; acommodated large audience and offered storage space; supports larger cast w/pay; could hire ppl to write plays; could constantly improve facilities
The Theatre
built in Shoreditch, first permanent theater
The Curtain
2nd theater opened by burbage with the acting company- The Lord Chamberlain's Men
Giles Alan
The landlord of The Theatre that would not renew the lease for the space in 1596
Theaters of Shakespeare's Time Description
octagonal/round, 1/2 entrances/exits, 3 stories high, thatched roof w/ open middle
Officials worried about what associated with plays?
Controlling the large crowd and the spread of the Plague
Globe opens when?
September 1599 after being moved by the Chamberlain's Men by hand to Southwark
Outdoor Theaters of London
The Swan, The Rose (then The Fortune Theatre), The Red Bull, The Hope, The Globe
Indoor Theater of London
The Admiral's Men
Were most popular acting group managed by Philip Hendslow, performed at The Rose which changed to The Fortune Theatre
The Earl of Worchester's Men
Acting group that performed at the Red Bull
Foul Papers
The first/rough draft of a playwright filled with mistakes
Fair Papers
The final draft of a play that was copyed from the foul papers by a paid scribe
Master of the Revels
Was in charge of checking plays and censorship, then giving approval and gave licenses to perform
What was Censored in Plays by the Master of the Revels?
Treason (disloyalty to your country) and Sedition (plot to take over the government)
Rehearsal Time
About 2 weeks and actors expected to know about 70 plays at any given time (at least a 2 day notice was given)
What was put into plays to keep the audiences attention?
Romance, Battles, Swordfights, and no intermission
Burbage dies
consisted of one person who introduced the play
When were Theaters Closed
Outbreaks of plague (major one in 1593-1594), During Lent (40 days before Easter)
Christopher Marlow
popular writer at the time but was killed in a tavern fight (shakespeare thought to be this man)
Ben Johnson
another famous Playwright of Shakespeare's time
Famous Tradgedy Actors
Richard Burbage and Edward Alleyn
Famous Comedians
Richard Tartlon and Will Kempe
English Defeated the Spanish Armada
Queen Elizabeth's Reign
First actor owned theater
The Globe