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When, where, and who wrote the Good Woman of Setzuan written?
Denmark, 1941, Brecht
Represented deteriorism of morality under capatilism (Shen Te's evil cousin)
Shui Ta
The theme of Good Woman of Setzuan
society created out of economic facting
Conflict of Good Woman of Setzuan
Shen Te forced to do evil in order to do good
Time period of Good Woman of Setzuan and how do we know this?
WW2, because Shen Te's husband is a pilot
"When water is scarce, I have to go long ways to get it and when it's plentiful, I have no income" reflects _______
the stock market
historification is an exotic place to show what?
how society can change
Song and dance in a play are good examples of _________
Brecht used historification, alienation, and _______to describe his thatre
Good Woman of Setzuan, Mother Courage, adn ___________are examples of epic theatre
Was a propenent of new music, and was a composer of most of Brecht's plays like the three penny opera.
Kurt Weill
French playwright Antonin Artaud produced Le Cenci (his only play), had a great impact on theatre by using theatre cruelty (attacking the audience) Where did he spend the majority of his life?
in an insane asylum
Marate Sade was written by
Peter Weiss
Peter Brook directed Marat Sade which was an example of Artuad's Theater __________
Th art of walking
Bunraku is also known as _______theatre
Kabuki originated as an all-(male or female) class before
Chinese Opera is called Peking (aka ________) opera
The monkey king is known as what personality type
practical joker
Chinese Opera, which is an all gender type of theate, was either a romance or _______storyline
This style doesn't do contemporary, modern plays.
Chinese Opera
Minkstreky is a stereotype of this type of lives for blacks.
An arena is round, a thrust has three sides, and a this type of theater has out front seating
__________players reproduced Broadway playes in Harlem
The little theatre movement started by producing plays at this square in NYC.
Washington Square
Broadway had to have a minimum of this many contracts per play
Off-broadway plays were performed in Greenwich Village with a max of ______seats
Off-off broadway was originated in Cafe Cino, with a max of ___seats
Cafe La Mama was an off-offbroadway production by _________
Ellen Stewart
________founded th African Drove Company
William Brown
Ira Aldridge acted with Edmond King and wrote __________
The Black Doctor
Othello and _______III were the two most popular plays of African Theatre
W.E.B. Dubois belived theatre should be "about, by, for, and never black", was the first african american out of Hharvard and founded the ________
This african american playwright said "I was born black and female" and wrote Raisin in the Sun
Lorraine Hansberry
The style of roosters
Magic realism
Inventor of "choreo poem", wrote 10 play cylce (Joe Torres Come and Gone)
August Wilson
axiel movement is performed _________
while standing still
Climatic movement of roosters
Angela ressurected into new life
Amini Baraka advocated destruction of _____domination while writing in the 60s(a militant)
Costume design elements of shape include mind, shape, mass, texture, and _______
most dangerous place in theatre
costume shop
evocative does what?
primary:time period, secondar:created about time period
sparks the imagination
Churman, Crawford, and Strashers are all names of ________ theatre
Group theatre practiced art, adopted Berris Loslkey's method, and had how long of a membership
Tenesse Williams acted in eat on a hot tin rood and _______menagerie
The method utilized sense of memory, transformation, and _______
Arthur Miller wrote _______and was part of selective realism
Death of a Salesman
Edward Albee was a major part of selective realism and wrote
who's afraid of virginia woolf
Elia Kazan was one of the first to testify to
the house of un-american activities
The most important scenic designer, used visual metaphors, and stidied w/robert edmond jones
jo mielziner
Luigi Pirandello wrote this play thinking there is no ultimate truth
Six characters in search of an author
Existentialism is that god doesnt exist...what two names are invovled here
jean paul sartre and alber camus
Waiting for Godot is an example of _______, where nothing seems to happen
Theatre of the Absurd
Beckett wrote
Happy Days
Beckett won the nobel piece prize focusing on the essential, the minimal, and the unadorned adn was famous for
waiting for godot, endgame, krapp's last tape
who created a chorus line based on experiences as a gypsy
Michael Bennet
A Chorus line had the longest running play til
the first american musical was ________
the black crook
Over there was written by ________Jones
Little Johnny
based on shaw's pygmalion, julie andrews starred in it, rex harrison as henry higgings, and learner and low
my fair lady
Porgy and bess signigiant on how they portrayed __________
Based on a book by Edna Ferber, and was a risk for producer florenz ziegfeld
show boat
Rogers and Hammerstein integrated music, story, lyrics, and dance in this musical
Music by leanord bernstein, book by stephen sondheim and is a musical production of romeo and julietq
west side story