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What is realism?
The first modern movement in theater; everything on stage was supposed to resemble observable everday life
Where does realisms power lie?
In its crediblity and the sense of identification it creates
Who was Henry Ibsen?
A Norwegian who founded realistic drama
What plays did Ibsen write?
A Doll's House, Ghosts, and Hedda Gabler
What were some of Ibsen's taboos on stage?
Economic injustice, sexual double standards, unhappy marriages, religious hypocrisy, and venereal disease
What did Ibsen want to convince his audience of?
That his stage action represented everyday life
Who was August Srindberg?
A Swedish man who [ersonalized and itensified Ibsen's drama
What were some of the plays that Strindberg wrote?
The Father and Miss Julie
What did Strindberg concentrate on in his plays?
On individuals at war with themselves and each other
Who took realistic drama closer to naturalism?
Who was Anton Chekhov?
A Russian man who introduced variations to the relaism of Ibsen and Strindberg
How did Chekhov change realistic theater?
1. Moved away from melodrama
2. Full cast of 12-14 characters vs. 5-6
3. Mixed tragedy and comedy
What plays did Chekhov write?
The Sea Gull, Uncle Vanya, and The Cherry Orchard
Who were three very important realistic playwrights?
Ibsen, Strindberg, and Chekhov
What is naturalism?
A subdivision of realism, or an extreme for of it
What is the subject matter of naturalism?
Shows the dark side of life, "slice of life," subject matter for the lower class, confronts audience with social problems and instigates reform
Who was the most famous naturalistic playwright?
Emile Zola
What was the Theater Libre?
The Free Theater
Who, when, and where was Theater Libre founded?
In Paris in 1887 by Andre Antoine
What was Freie Buhne?
Free Stage
Who, when, and where was Freie Buhne founded?
In German in 1889 by Otto Brahm
What is an example of Independent Theater?
George Bernard Shaw's the Widower's House
Who founded the Moscow Art Theater?
What are three examples of Indepentdent Theater?
Theater Libre, Freie Buhne, and the Moscow Art Theater
What was the Group Theater?
The most important producing group between the World Wars
What was the Group Theaterdedicated to doig?
To producing socially relevant drama and to bringing Stanislavsky to the uS
Who headed the Federal Theater Project?
Hallie Falangan Davis
What were three dpeartures from realism?
Symbolism, expressionism, and theatricalism
What was symbolism?
A movement that sought to express inner truth rather that represent life realistically
What was theatricalism?
Exposed the devices of theater to make the audience aware that they are watching a performance
What is expressionism?
A movement that occured in Germany around WWI; dealt with highly subjective matterthat was often seen through the eyes of the protanganist
Who are two important theatrical theorists?
Atruad and Brecht
Who was Artaud?
French man who's big idea was theater of cruelty (baqsed of magic and ritual which would liberate deep, violent, and erotic impulses)
Who was Brecht?
A German man who's big idea was epic theater (aimed at the intellect rather than the emotions)
Who were the Angry Young Men?
A group of playwrights who dealt with the dissolving British Empire, class conflict, and political disillusionment
What format did the Angry Yound Men write in?
Very close to the traditional realistic format
What was the most famous play written by one of the Angry Young Men?
Look Back in Anger by Jack Osborne
When and where did documentary dramas begin?
In Germany in the 19602
Who are two important existentialistic playwrights?
Jena Paul Sarte and Albert Camus