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WILLY: It was disgusting.
What was disgusting?
WILLY: You don't wanna know.
I do too.
JOLT: I'll tell you later tonight when we're alone.
My parents'll be home tonight.
JOLT: Then we'll meet at the library.
Eight o'clock. Reference.
(Willy and Nicole talk)WILLY: You're hurting my feelings.
NICOLE: You'll get over it.
You're kidding!
JOLT: Do I look like I'm kidding?
I never would have thought that. Never!
JOLT: It's true. Willy's got proof.
Oh, my God.
JOLT: Willy saw them together.
NICOLE: Saw who?
You mean...together together?
WILLY: Yeah. Well...sort of.
Well, either you saw them or you didn't.
JOLT: I told you. He saw them. In the locker room.
Oh, my God!
NICOLE: Saw who?
Well, it makes perfect sense if you think of it. They're always together.
NICOLE: If you don't tell me this instant who you're talking about, I'm going to scream.
Matt and Luke, of course.
NICOLE: Matt and Luke?
That's why Matt doesn't have a girl.
WILLY: Who'd have him?
NICOLE: I would. But he's not interested in me.
That's what I mean. That's the point.
NICOLE: He's always hanging out with Luke.
And Kori. Why else would he hang out with those two?
NICOLE: What do you mean?
Well, Kori's not exactly Miss America. All that chopped off hair and those hanging things she calls jewelry.
NICOLE: Yeah, she's scary.
She must shop at the junkyard.
NICOLE: And you know her and food.
Have you ever seen the girl at a dessert table?
NICOLE: So what about Matt and Luke?
God, Nicki, do we have to draw you a picture?
JOLT: Especially Mr. Can't-Do-Wrong. I'm glad you're wrestling him.
WILLY: Yeah, but you gotta wrestle Luke.
NICOLE: Matt and Luke what?
Come on, Nicki, I'll tell you all about it.