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Who is the person that sold all of the Sunset Towers apartments in one day?
Barney Northrup
Who is Jake wexler married to?
Grace Windsor Wexler
Who is the padatricet/foot doctor?
Jake Wexler
Who is Tabatha-Ruth
Turtle Wexler
Who is the secatery that lives in #3D
Sydelle Pulaski
Who runs the the resturuent on the top floor of Sunset Towers?
Mr. Hoo
What is Mr. Hoo's sons name?
Doug Hoo
Who is the door man at Sunset Towers
Sandy McSouthers
What is the name of Chris Teodorakis's brother?
Theo Theodorkis
What is the name of the kid that has a disorder at that is in a wheelchair?
Chris Theodorkis
Who is the delivery boy that lives in Sunset Towers and that is 62 years old?
Otis Amber
What is Turtle's sister's name?
Angela Wexler
Who made Angela Wexler's wedding dress?
Flora Baumbach
Who is the maid that works at Sunset Towers?
Mrs. Crow
Who is getting married to Angela Wexler?
Dr. Deere
Who is the first black woman to be a judje?
J.J. ford
Who is the person that the town is named after?
Sam Westing
Who was in the acciedent with Sam Westing?
Dr. Sidney Sikes