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the period
the periods
the parentheses
the parentheses'
the parallel
the parallels
the paragraph
the paragraphs
the omission
the omissions
the abbreviation
the abbreviations
the acronym
the acronyms
the adjective
the adjectives
the adverb
the adverbs
the agreement
the agreements
the APA documentation
the APA documentations
the awkward
the awkwards
the buisness writing
the buisness writings
the capital
the capitals
the citation
the citations
the coherence
the coherences
the comma splice
the comma splices
the coordination
the coordinations
the critical reading
the critical readings
the diction
the dictions
the document design
the document designs
the development
the developments
the division of the word
the division of the words
the dangling modifier
the dangling modifiers
the exactness
the exactnesses
the emphasis
the emphasises
the essay test
the essay tests
the fragment
the fragments
the fused sentence
the fused sentences
the glossary of usage
the glossary of usages
the grammar
the grammars
the hyphenation
the hyphenations
the idiom
the idioms
the italic
the italics
the lower case
the lower cases
the literature
the literatures
the logic
the logics
the MLA documentation
the MLA documentations
the misplaced part
the misplaced parts
the number
the numbers
the needless shifts
the needless shift
the punctuation
the punctuations
the plural needed
the plural neededs
the predication
the predications
the pronoun
the pronouns
the redundant
the redundants
the reference
the references
the repetition
the repetitions
the research
the researches
the revision
the revisions
the singular needed
the singular neededs
the spelling
the spellings
the sentence sense
the sentence senses
the subordination
the subordinations
the tense
the tenses
the transition
the transitions
the unity
the unities
the usage
the usages
the variety
the varieties
the verb
the verbs
the wordiness
the wordinesses
the wrong word
the wrong words
the obvious error
the obvious errors
the apostrophe
the apostrophes
the bracket
the brackets
the colon
the colons
the comma
the commas
the dash
the dashes
the delete
the deletes
the ellipsis point
the ellipsis points
the exclamation point
the exclamation points