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What is the title of the book?
The Upstairs Room
Who is the Author?
Johanna Reiss
Who is the main character of the book?
What religious is Annie and her family?
Where does Annie's family live?
What is wrong with Annie's mother?
She is very sick and has bad kidneys
What did Annie's father do for a living?
He was a cow farmer
Who was the family that lived across the street?
The Gans
How many sister did Annie have?
two ( Sini and Rachel)
How old were Sini and Rachel?
Sini was 16 - Rachel - 21
Who was the name of their sleep in maid?
What did Annie's family and The Gans family do?
They would meet at their house
When did the second world war start?
Who was in charge of the German troops?
Adolph Hitler
What year did Hitler become chancellor of Germany?
How old was Annie in 1938?
What was Annie's family afraid of?
The Germans taking them away
Where did Uncle Bram and his wife go to?
What degree did Rachel get from college?
A teacher's degree
Whre did Rachel first work?
In a nursery in Winterswijk
What did the Gans do in the family's house every night?
Listen to the radio
What did Annie and her family hear in the sky late at night?
German planes
What was Annie's family waiting to be done?
Their new house
What are Nazis's called in Holland?
What happened to their made Marie?
She quit her job because her boyfriend said she might have trouble working for jews
Why did Rachel lose her job?
She was fired because she was jewish.
What happened the spring for 1941?
Jews were not allowed to rent hotel rooms, go to beaches, and parks.
When Annie went back to school in the 4th grade what happened to her?
She was not allowed to go back to school
What kind of school did jewish children attend?
A synagogue
What did Annie notice on poles on her way to school?
Signs Joden verboden ( forbidden to Jews)
What were the non jewish kids saying to Annie?
Jew, HJew Ugly mole
Stick your face in a dirty hole.
Stick your face in a mustard pot
By tomorrow Jew will rot!
When did Annie and her family move to their new house?
October 1941
Who owned the farm close by their new house?
The Droppers
How many kids did the Droppers have?
Who was Annie's friend in the fourth grade?
What was the Winterswijk policeman doing at night?
They were taking the oldest Jewish boys away with them
Where were the policeman taking the boys?
Mauthaunsen, A jail camp some called it a concentration camp