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How old is Annie when they meet the Oostervelds?
almost eleven
What did Dientje give Annie to drink that Sini did not want her to have?
Why did Annie think that nobody would listen to her again?
the Oostervelds had a radio
How long were the girls supposed to stay with the Oostervelds?
two weeks
Where did Annie sleep?
with Johan and Dientje
Where did Sini have to sleep?
on the floor on a mattress
What did the girls have to use when they had to go to the bathroom?
a chamber pot
What was Johan's occupation?
a farmer(he had to milk the cows and feed the pigs)
why did the girls have to stay in the front bedroom?
the bedroom in the back is too cold in the winter and they can't heat it
What did Sini and Annie do when they sat around the stove?
they spit on it
When Opoe asked Sini why she worked on a farm what was her answer?
she liked the work
why wouldn't Annie and Sini eat the pork that they were given
because they are Jewish and not supposed to eat pork
why did Dientje want the girls to go back to the Hanninks?
because if they get caught they will be shot
what did Johan decide he was going to do with the girls?
let them stay
where did Johan have his radio hidden
in the ceiling
what kind of book did Johan have in the house?
a farmer's almanac
where did Johan build a hiding place for Annie and Sini?
in the closet in their room
what did the house look like on the outside?
red brick with green trimmings
what book did Dientje bring back from the Reverand's house?
war and peace
what bad habit did Sini have?
she bit her little finger
what was Johan going to have someone build for them so they wouldn't be killed in bed
an air-raid shelter
why were Annie and Sini going to eat dinner with Johan, Opoe and Dientje?
it was Opoe's birthday
what did Johan do instead of closing the shades in case anyone would come to the house during dinner
he closed the gate
what was the embroidered picture?
a colt and birds(4)
what did the girls give Opoe for her birthday?
a piece of cloth
what did Opoe want Dientje to make for her from the cloth that Annie and Sini gave her?
an apron
What did they eat for Opoe's birthday dinner?
chicken, string beans, and potatoes, brown gravy and chicken soup
since the food is being rationed what did people have to use to buy food
food coupons
why doesn't Johan want their father and sister Rachel to write very often?
the mailman never used to bring letters before and people might be suspicious
who was Hendrik?
Opoe's husband
what did Opoe sneak upstairs to give the girls during her birthday party?
a piece of cake
why was Opoe angry with Annie?
she put the War and Peace book in Opoe's chest on top of the lace cap that was her mothers
what did Dini Hannink come warn them about?
the Germans are planning a house to house search
the Germans were looking for an underground worker who they think is hiding in Usselo- what did he do?
a man was took food coupons and was going to give them to people hiding Jews and someone told on him
where did Annie and Sini have to stay for that night?
the closet
Annie was mad at Sini because she got to go on an outing- where did she go?
to the stable with Johan
Why were Annie's legs crooked?
she wasn't getting enough exercise
what did Sini want Annie to do to exercise her legs?
walk up and down the room one hundred times per day
who did Dientje and Annie go and visit?
a Jewish girl named Mimi who was being hidden by the farmer that Dientje use to work for
when did they go and how did they get there?
at night and they rode a bike
what did Annie get for her birthday from Johan?
a book called Secrets of Nature
What did Dini get Annie for her birthday?
monopoly game
why did they have to burn the newspaper after they were done reading it?
it was printed by underground workers who want them to know what is really going on with the war
what would happen to Johan if the Germans found the newspaper in their home?
he could be arrested
what happened to the old men, women and children in the concentration camps?
they were packed tightly in a shower room and instead of water gas was turned on then they were burned in ovens
what happened to the young men?
they were put to work and when they became too weak to work the same thing happened to them
when the weather was warm enough to due without the stove, where did Annie and Sini move?
to the back bedroom
what is the name of the Italian dictator who is Hitler's best friend?
Why did Sini get upset when Johan did not listen to the radio?
she felt that they wouldn't know when the war was over if they did not listen to the radio
Who did Dini Hannink say was coming to visit Sini and Annie?
Miss Kleinhoonte(the high school teacher from Winterswijk)
who did Miss Kleinhoonte say moved into Sini and Annie's house.
a NSBer (nazi)
why did Annie get in trouble at the dinner table?
she kept laughing because she thought that Miss Kleinhoonte looked like a rabbit when she was eating