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What did the KKK do to increase membership during the 20's
blame national prolems on immigrants
play on the fear of political radicals and allowing members profit from recruitment of new members
Name three countries that experienced limited imigration because of U. S. policies
Italy, Japan and England
What famous immigrants were charged and convicted of robbery and murder?
Nicolo Sacco and Bartolomea Vanzetti
What attorney General felt he needed to protect American people from
protical radicals?
A. Mitchell Palmer
What happened to union membership during the 20's
dropped considerably
1st peacetime use of airplanes
carring mail
main cause of urban sprawl
What was the cause of the Teapot Dome scandal?
centered around leasing oil rich public lands
purpose of Fordney-McCumber Tariff
raise taxes on goods entering the U.S.
Striking workers were often accused of being
Red scare
fear that communists were trying to take over the U.S.
Why did many Americans have good feeling about Warren Harding?
promised, "return to normalcy" after WWI He wanted to work on peace with other countries/ Harding looked like a president/good natured.
Communism is based on the teaching of
Karl Marks
prejudice against foreign-born
pulling away from involvement in world affairs