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I am the supreme ruler and Lord of the Skies. I am the Rain-God and Cloud-Gatherer. Fate can be stronger than me and I can be decieved. I often have affairs and use trickery to cover my mistakes. I do not help liars or people who don't keep their oaths. Who am I?
I am the ruler of the sea. I am Zeus' brother. I am All-Important to people on both sides of the Aegean Sea. My wife is Aphrodite. I have a castle below the sea, but I hang out in Olympus. I gave the first horse to man and I am considered the "Earth-Shaker". Who am I?
I am the God of wealth and I own a cape that makes the wearer invisible. I usually stay in the underworld. The mistake is often made that I am an evil god, when I am actually only terrible. I am married to Persephonie: Queen of the Underworld. I am King of the Dead; NOT death itself. Who am I?
I am the wife and sister of Zeus. I am the protector of marriage and married women. I always find a way to punish Zeus' mistresses. I hold grudges often angry at my opposers. I am the Gracious Protector of Heroes. Who am I?
I am the daughter of Zeus, alone and I have no mother. I sprang from my father's head. I was born fully grown and in full body armor. I am the fierce and ruthless battle goddess. I am the protector of civilized life. My father trusts me to carry his thunderbolts. I am the embodiment of wisdom, reason and purity. Who am I?
I am the son of Zeus and Leto. I am a beautiful figure in Greek poetry and music. I am the Archer-God, The Healer, The God of Lights and the God fo Truth. Who am I?
I am the Goddess of Love and Beauty. I love laughter and I laugh sweetly and mockingly at those my wiles have conquered. I am a temptress of sorts and I rose from the foam of the sea, which is what my name means. I am the "beautiful golden goddess". Who am I?
I am the son of Zeus and Maia. I am graceful and swift of motion. I wear winged sandals and a winged low-crowned hat. I am Zeus' messenger, as well as the most cunning god. I am the God of Commerce and the Market. I am the Protector of traders and the solemn guide of the dead. I appear more than any other god throughout mythology. Who am I?
I am Apollo's twin sister, daughter of Zeus and Leto. I am the "Protectress of Dewy Youth". I am a lover of the woods and the wild. I am Huntsman-In-Chief to the gods, even if it is an odd position for a woman. Who am I?
I am said to be the son of Zeus and Hera, sometimes Hera alone. I am ugly, as well as lame. I am a kindly, peace-loving god, popular on earth as well as in heaven. I am the protector of the smiths. Who am I?
I am Zeus' sister. I have no distinct personality and I play no part in the myths.I am the godess of the hearth and the symbol of home. meals begin and end with an offering to me. Who am I?
I am the God of War and the son of Zeus and Hera, both of whom detest me. I am considered murderous, bloodstained and the incarnate curse of mortals. I am mostly disliked. Who am I?