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Do you think the teenagers in the video will stop drinking after what they experienced? Why or why not?
Answers will vary - make sure they EXPLAIN "why or why not"!
If Jolene sticks with the alcohol treatment program, why kind of future do you think she will have?
Answers will vary - if they need help, tell them to think about jobs she might get, if she has children, etc.
If Jolene sticks with the alcohol treatment program, what challenges will she face throughout her life?
Answers will vary. If they need help, give them hints: her job, college, if she has a family, etc.
Do you think young people drinking for the first time think about the possibility of becoming addicted? Explain.
Answers will vary - ask them to explain why or why not.
In the video, Kelly said "If you really honestly think that it's alright for you to drink and drive, then by all means it's alright because all you can do is take care of yourself." Do you agree or disagree? Explain.
Answers will vary - if they need hints, tell them to think about the dangers of drunk driving.
What could you say to a friend who asks you to go to a party where alcohol will be present?
Answers will vary.
What does B.A.C. stand for?
Blood Alcohol Level - it is a measurement of intoxication
What is the term used to describe the felong crime of ending someone's life by driving recklessly or while under the influence of alcohol?
Vehicular homicide
What is the potentially deadly disease that affects the liver and is often caused by alcohol abuse?
Cirrhosis (Sir - O - sis)
What is the thick, black liquid that is swalled to absorb large amounts of alcohol in the stomach?
Charcoal... very similar (but not the same) to the stuff you Dad uses on the grill!
What does the liver of an alcoholic look like?
Scarred and hard.
True or False: Alcohol kills 5 times more people than cocain, heroine and all other illegal drugs combined.
True or False: Drinking too much alcohol in one night can be fatal.
TRUE - Binge drinking has become a very large problem among American teens.
Alcohol kills how many times more people than all other drugs combined?
5 times more people - that means 5 multiplied!
Fact or Myth:
Coffee or a cold shower will help a person sober up.
Myth - coffee and cold showers will not reduce the level of alcohol in your body.
Fact or Myth: It is not illegal for minors to drink if they are at home.
Myth - The drinking age is set at 21 in the U.S. It doesn't matter where you are!
Fact or Myth: Most alcoholics are jobless and homeless.
Myth - people from all walks of life can be alcoholics.
Fact or Myth: Liquor has more alcohol than beer.
Myth - Liquor has the same amount of alcohol as beer, but has less water
How many teenage alcoholics are there in the United States?
2 million
If you wanted to prevent a friend from abusing alcohol, how might you do it?
Answers will vary
Larry from the video died from alcohol poisoning. How did his friends contribute to his death?
His friends left him on the bathroom floor, thinking he would be fine in the morning.
What is alcohol poisoning?
It is a severe, physical reaction to an overdose of alcohol. It deprives the brain of oxygen and then causes the brain to shut down breathing and heart rate.
What are some symptoms of alcohol poisoning?
Person has drank A LOT of alcohol in a short period of time, unconscious, cold or clammy skin and vomits while passed out.
What can you do if someone you know might have alcohol poisoning?
Call 9-1-1, do not leave the person alone, administer CPR if they stop breathing
What is the number of people in the U.S. who have died in the past year from alcohol related deaths?
Almost 21,000 Americans
List some reasons why people abuse alcohol.
Answers will vary - depression, stress,anger, out of curiosity, because of social pressures,to be cool