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What millivolt is the repolarization phase at?
+40 mV
nervous system to the central nervous system to the brain or spinal cord the the __________.
Nervous system or NS handles what?
The rapid responses.
What handles longer term adjustments?
Endocrine system
_______ _______ system or CNS contains interneurons and coordination and processing of all nerve impulses.
Central nervous
Define what neurons do.
They conduct nerve impulse, which are electrochemical in nature, along pathway in the Nervous system.
True or False.
Dendrites send messages and always travel away from the cell body.
Dendrites recive information and always travel toward the cell body.
When your arm or leg falls asleep this means you have pinch a nerve so that why it tingles. Correct?
Incorrect, when your leg or arm goes num it means you are actully cutting of blood to the leg.
_________ is a protective membrance that helps in re-generation of a neuron.
All or None Theory means you either eat the whole cake or you don't.
The All or None Theory means the neuron either responds fully or not at all.