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Who was the Cardinal under Louis the XIV
Cardinal Mazarin
Who was Louis' mother?
Anne of Austria
What did Mazarin want to establish for Louis? How did he ensure this?
Fullest inheritance of royal authority. He salted away 5 million lion livres for his personal use.
What was the last advice Mazarin gave Louis?
Do not appoint a cheif minister when I die
When Mazarin died, what odd thing did Louis do and what did it signal?
Wanted a full mourning. This symboled that he would be untried in governing and he was a supreme ruler-not to be questioned
What did Louis first do to change the face of the French monarchy?
Called the cheif officers ito his room and stated that he was taking over the government and would only need their advice when he asked for it
Who did Louis target specifically at the meeting in his apartment and what did he say to him?
Chancellour Pierre Seguier- told him not to do anything without his consent first- do nothing without my orders
To what degree was Louis determined to run his monarchy (what mazarin taught him)
like his divine right owed him
What kind of men did Louis promote? Give one example and what his message was in doing so.
Non-aristocratic men. John Baptist Colbert (economic affairs), showing that by the ranking of his men, he would not be sharing any power with the commoners
What was the biggest symbol of Royal Absolutism?
The Palace at Versailles
Who designed the Gardens?
Andre Le Notre
What were the two architects?
Louis le Vau and Hardouin Mansart
How many people lived in Versailles and in what year did they move in?
25,000 in 1689
What was life at the palace like and what began the noble's day?
It was strict and rigid with ritual. The petit levee(little rising)
What went on in the rising ritual? (how many people, in what order, how mnay parties, etc, etc...)
The 100 observers came into the King's bedroom and watched him get up and get dressed. there were 6 parties, each walked in in order of social ranking.
What did Louis seek to acheive in the empires power?
Have an empire like charlemagne's and assert power over the Habsburgs
What was the first war and what happened?
The War of Devolution. After Philip died, he made the claim his wife was the rightful heir to the Spanish Netherlands. Leopald I was persuaded to split it with him, but Charles II lived and the deal was never made.
What was the second war and what happened?
Louis turned his army onto the United Provinces b/c they were Calvinist-Dutch that he saw as an afront to his catholic monarchy. He was winning until Leopald and Spain entered and it ended with the Peace of Nijmegen. He gained nothing
What was the 3rd war and what happened?
It was the War of the League of Augsburg. He attacked Palantine in 1688 and they fought back. The League was of: Saxony, Savoy, Brandenburg, Sweden, Spain, Bavaria, the UP, and HRE. ended in Treaty of Ryswick in 1697. he only gained Alsace
What was the last war and what happened?
The War of spanish succession. In Belheim against Duke of Malborough. he lost- ended in the Treaty of Utrecht