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What is olfaction?
a. the sense of smell
b. the sense of taste
c. the sense of being
d. the sense of balance
A. the sense of smell
What kinds of cells are found in the olfactory epithelium?
a. olfactory receptors
b. supporting cells
c. basal cells
d. all of the above
D. all of the above
what are axons called that project through the cribiform plate?
a. olfactory hairs
b. foliate papillae
c. lysozymes
d. olfactory receptors
D. olfactory receptors
Olfactory hairs are-
a. dendrites and an axon projecting through the cribiform plate and ending in the olfactory bulb
b. the site of olfactory transduction
c. the parts that provide pysical support to the olfactory epithelium
d. gross
B. The site of olfactory transduction
Columnare epithelial cells of the mucous membrane lining the nose are-
a. olfactory hairs
b. supporting cells
c. modiolus
d. myopia cells
B. Supporting cells
Where would you find basal cells in the olfactory epithelium?
a. in the snot
b. between the bases of supporting cells
c. projecting through the cribiform plate
d. they are not found in the olfactory epithelium
B. between the bases of the supporting cells
Which glands produce mucus to moisten the surface of the olfactory epithelium?
a. adrenal glands
b. menisci glands
c. bowman's glands
d. ceruminous glands
C. bowman's glands (olfacotry glands)
Name another word for taste.
a. Gestation
b. Gustation
c. Germination
d. Generation
B. Gustation
Name the 4 (5) tastes.
1. sour 2. sweet 3. bitter 4. salty 5. umami
where are the basal cells of gustation found?
a. between the bases of supporting cells
b. projecting from each gustatory receptor cell
c. at the periphery of the taste bud near the connective tissue layer.
d. in the dermis
C. at the periphery of the taste bud near the connective tissue layer
What is produced by the basal cells of the gustatory system?
a. stem cells
b. supporting cells
c. papellae
d. mucus
B. supporting cells