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A long, narrow, sandy island separated from the mainland by a shallow lagoon or wetland.
What is a Barrier Island?
Protects the mainland from hurricanes or storms.
Small, sluggish streams in a wetland or swamp.
What is a bayoo?
Louisiana wetlands/swamp.
A ridge of earth along a riverbank that hinders flooding.
What is a Levee?
manmade riverbanks for flood prevention
A part of a manmade waterway enclosed by gates at each end.
What is a Lock?
used to raise/lower ships to another water level for transportation purposes
One who rents a plot of land on which to grow crops.
What is a Tenant Farmer?
similar to Feudal medieval serfdom.
Farmers growing a variety of crops by crop rotation for keeping land arable or for foreign competition.
What is Diversify?
Ex. is planting soybeans after each cotton crop
The ability to speak two languages.
What is Bilingual?
He speaks Spanish and English fluently.