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How high are the bronze dragons?
They are almost big as the Queen
Who makes fun of Keevan?
Who is K'last?
Keevan's sep father
Keevan never got chosen how many times?
9 Times
Why did the bronze dragon chose Keevan?
Because he was the right peson
Why did't the dragon chose anyone?
Because it was looking for the right person
Why did Keevan try to prtend the pain was not there?
He wanted to act like a dragonrider, Dragon riders act like men
What was Keevan's favorite time of the day?
When his father comes home, and when all the chores are done
What did Wingsecond say about tuching the eggs?
We don't know if it does any good but it certainly doesn't do any harm
What planet does this story take place in?
Planet Pern
Planet Pern is dangered by what?
Red Star
What element do the dragons breathe?
Dragonriders and their dragons fight what?
Old volcanoes in Cave Colome are called what?
What is Keevan's new name