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roof of the brain case
lines of bone fusion
number of bones in adult skull
23 (22 fused, 1 mandible)
highly infolded, superior portion of brain
divides cerebrum into right and left cerebral hemispheres
longitudinal cerebral fissure
four lobes of each cerebral hemisphere
frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital
separates frontal and parietal lobes
central sulcus
central core of brain; covered & surrounded by cerebrum
continuous superiorly with diencephalon & inferiorly with spinal cord at foramen magnum
brain stem
Located inferior to occipital lobes of cerebrum.
Attached to posterior aspect of brain stem.
three fossae of brain case
anterior, middle, & posterior cranial fossae
Shallowest of cranial fossae.
1. from frontal bone to lesser wings of sphenoid bone
2. overlies orbits
3. divided at midline by crista galli and cribriform plates of ethmoid bone
4. contains frontal loves of cerebrum
Anterior Cranial Fossa
1. From lesser wings of sphenoid bones to petrous ridge
2. divided at midline by sella turcica
3. Contains temporal lobes of cerebrum
Middle Cranial Fossa
Deepest cranial fossae
1. from petrous ridge to occipital bone
2. divided at midline by foramen magnum
2. contains cerebellum
Posterior Cranial Fossa