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What is the Scorpions' motto?
"One for all, and all for one."
What is Squirrel's real name?
How long ago did Jubal's father die?
4 years ago
What is the name of Cooper's younger sister?
Where did Marcellus Harris live when he was growing up?
in a cabin on Mr. Montgomery's land
What did Jubal's grandmother cook for Mr. Montgomery, that he now misses?
Name 2 of 3 goals Cooper set for himself that summer.
1. Build the Scorpions clubhouse 2. Paint a picture that would win first place at the county fair 3. Get big and strong enough to beat out Remo for center on the football team
What time do the boys agree to pick up Mr. Montgomery and take him to see Rachel?
11:00 AM
Why were COFO people coming to Mississippi that summer?
to help colored people register to vote
Who did Alvina want to paint a picture of?
her father, Marcellus
After Mr. Montgomery is found dead, Cooper went fishing. What type of fish did he catch?
strawberry bream
Who left after the angel Gabriel's first warning?
Brelove Avery
How much money did Cooper and Jubal expect to get for the whiskey bottles they collected?
a nickel a bottle
What is the name of the church that Mr. Montgomery's funeral took place?
Cedar Hill Baptist Church
What type of car does Ronlad Ritter drive?
green Dodge station wagon
What was the burning cross in front of Squirrel's house made of?
croker sacks
Who does Squirrel suspect burned the cross in his yard?
Reno McCarthy
After the Civil War, the Klu Klux Klan frightened colored people into not voting. What did the colored people think the men in white robes were?
Uncle Chicago uses the term "Negro". From what two cultures does he say the word originates?
Spanish and Portuguese
What type of school does Alvina say she will attend next year?
the white school
Why is Tamara so concerned about people who are oppressed?
Her father had been in a concentration camp in Germany.
What is the name of the movie theater Jubal and Cooper go to on Saturdays?
Palace Theater
After colored people were arrested at the movie theatre, what does Reverend Graham tell them their main objective is for the summer?
getting registered to vote
What are Cooper and Jubal doing when Cooper sees Ike Montgomery driving away from Uncle Chicago's?
Who does Revered Graham tell to leave town the Sunday following the arrests at the movie theater?
Curtis Miller
Where does Squirrel and his family move to?
Who is Marcellus's father?
Gideon Montgomery
At what store did Nana buy fabric and see a white and a colored woman sit at the lunch counter to be served?
the Ben Franklin
Where is the swimming pool Jubal plans to jump into?
Warren Park
When a group of men go to Jubal's house late at night and nobody is home, what do the men do to the house?
set it on fire
What did Jerome Suddith find in the ashes of the burnt house?
the charred remains of his Bible
When Cooper mailed Nana's letter, which wire basket did he put it in?
the out-of-town basket
How did Russell Wrightson find out ahead of time what the colored people planned to do?
Ronald Ritter told the Sovereignty Commission and they told Russell Wrightson.
Why did Reverend Graham ask Cooper to leave and never come back to the church?
Cooper admitted he attended the Klan meetings at Wrightson's store and was with the Klansmen when they burned down the Harrises' house.
Who witnessed Uncle Chicago's accident?
Tommy Clifton
Poppa does not participate in the church bombing. Why not?
He does not want to be a part of killing children in the church.
On the night the Klansmen planned to bomb the church, how many of them were caught and tied up outside the church?
Who did Cooper dislike more than anybody?
Reno McCarthy
How old were Cooper and Jubal in the summer of 1964?
What kind of scooter did Cooper have?
a Cushman Highlander
How much did Cooper pay for his scooter?
46 dollars
Who loaned Cooper the money for his scooter?
his Uncle Chicago
What was the name of the paper that Cooper worked for?
The Tupelo Daily Journal
How many customers did Cooper have on his paper route?
eighty-three customers
What is Jubal's mother's first name?
Where did Cooper's father and Ike Montgomery work?
Magnolia Meats
What sport did Cooper's father play twice a week for the plant?
What did Cooper call his father?
What was Marcellus's mother's name?
Who is Jubal's grandmother?
What is Cooper's last name?
What did Mr. Montgomery give to Jubal?
a pocketknife
For whom did Jubal work?
Mrs. Pouncey
How many afternoons a week did Squirrel work at his father's store?
For what baseball team did Squirrel want to play someday?
St. Louis Cardinals
What did Coach Turner call everyone on the third team?
What was the name of Jubal's school?
What is Jubal's sister's name?
What did Mr. Montgomery want Rachel to cook for him?
biscuits and redeye gravy
Rachel said that Mr.Gideon liked his biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and what else?
squirrel brains
How many miles did Cooper and Jubal run together each morning except for Sundays?
three miles
Who was Mr. James?
Cooper's Uncle Chicago
What did Uncle Chicago call Alvina?
The Queen of Sheba or the queen
How many years had Bessie taught art?
forty years
Who was Uncle Chicago's first art teacher?
What color were the roses that Mr. Montgomery was holding when the boys found him?
What year was Bessie's Ford?
Who was the Reverend at Bessie's church?
Reverend Graham
What was the name of the angel that Reverend Graham said was God's special messenger?
What subject did Brelove Avery teach?
What did Jubal and Cooper gather along the roads every Sunday afternoon?
empty whiskey bottles
Tupelo was how far away from where Cooper lived?
23 miles
What was the biggest town in north Mississippi?
Tamara was originally from where?
New York
In what part of Alabama did Esther originally grow up?
Who was Ronald Ritter staying with?
Mr. Albert
Who kept taking a lot of pictures with his camera?
Who owned the largest grocery store in town?
Mr. Wrightson
How many years had Nana been office manager at R&M Trucking?
almost forty years
How were Ike and Toby related?
they were first cousins
Who gave Glory her wringer washer?
On what street was Wrightson's grocery?
Court Street
Where had Tamara's father been when he was young?
a concentration camp in Germany
What were the two deacons checking under the church for?
What nickname did Cooper have for Alvina?
What was the name of the theater that Cooper and Jubal went to almost every Saturday?
Palace Theater
What year was Uncle Chicago's Chevy?
What did Cooper give Nana for her birthday?
a box of chocolate-covered cherries
What was the name of the movie that Nana took Cooper and Missy to see on her birthday?
The Bridge on the River Kwai
What is Coope'rs mama's first name?
What kind of dogs did the Kogans have?
What is Cooper's father's first name?
What did Jerome find when he was poking through some ashes with a pole?
The charred remains of his big Bible
What color was Casey Donald's Mercury?
How long was Uncle Chicago in the hospital after he was beaten?
three weeks
On what street was the post office?
Simpson Stree
Who was the oldest member of the church Cooper attended?
Auntie Caroline
How old was Auntie Caroline?
103 years old