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name extrinsic thumb mscls and innerv
FPL (median), AbPL (radial), EPL/B (radial)
name intrinsic thumb mscls and innerv
FPB, AbPB, OP (all median); AddP (ulnar)
thoracic splanchnic
T5-11, syn on celiac ganglion
what n necessary to abd upper leg
s gluteal (innerv glut med, min, and tensor fascialata)
branches of celiac
1. L gastric 2. splenic -> (short gastric, L gastriepiploica) 3. C hepatic -> (P hepatic, R gastric, gastroduo) RULE 1-2-3
rectal venous flow
IMA-s rectal-IMV-splenic-portal; int iliac-m rectal; pudendal-i rectal; both i and m rectal to iliac v-IVC
s hypogastric n
SNS, found at bifurcation of aorta
innerv of teres major
subscap off posterior
supraventricular crest
in RV
name evertors lower leg
Peroneus L, PB, fib tertius
n of pectineus
femoral and A obturator
innerv gracilis
A. obturator
n and artery of evertors lower leg
supfcl peroneal n, peroneal a
spfcl ring formed by
ext oblique
layers of abd
campers, scarpa, (ext oblique, int oblique, trans abd) all in rectus abd with an anterior and posterior rectus sheath
name extensors of lower arm
wrist: ECU, ECRB, ECRL;
finger: EDC, EDM, EIP;
thumb: EPL, EPB, AbdPL
n and artery for extensors lower leg
deep peroneal n, ant tibial a
cristae terminale
in RA, on outside sulcus terminales
axillary innerv
deltoid, teres minor
describe branching sciatic n
at add hiatus it becomes the common peroneal, this branches into tibia (flex), s peroneal (evert) and d peroneal (ext)
course of intercostal, venous drainage
at midclav line anastomose and split, 1 above rib, 1 below,
A intercostal drain into i thoracic, P into azygous
branches of SMA
m colic, r colic, ileocecal, jej and ileal with arcades, i pancreatoduo
dermatome of hand radial provides?
palmar: thumb, 2, 3, and 1/2 of ring
name flxors of lower arm
wrist: FCR, FCU, PL; finger: FDP, FDS; thumb: FPL, FPB, AbPB
which thenar mscls superficial
FPB, AbPB (OP is under AbPB, AddP is under FPB)
name innerv Add magnus
P obturator and sciatic
role of median n (5)
movement thumb (FPB, AbPB, OP); 2 radial lumbricals; dorsal 3.5 digits and wrap around to pads of fingers; pronate; flexors (exc FCU, 1/2FDP are ulnar)
FDS, FDP in flexing fingers
FDS flexes PIP only, FDP flexes PIP and DIP
name flexors of hip
rectus femoris, iliopsoas, sartorius
name nerve and artery of deep flexors of LL
tibial n and P tibial a (also for more supfcl flexors)
describe branching of femoral a and v
at add hiatus becomes popliteal, branches into A tibial (flex), P tibial (flex), and peroneus (evert)
path of sperm
epidid, vas deferens/ductus deferens, ampulla, seminal vesicle, ejac duct, prostatic urethra, prostate
branches off of pudendal n
dorsal n penis (skin and erectile); perineal (scrotum); i rectal (anus up to pectinate, ext sphincter, symp via T10, para via sacral)
summarize dermatomes of hand
-radial: palmar radial 3.5 (thum to 1/2 ring)
-medial: dorsum radial 3.5 and wrapping around to pads of finger
-ulna: palmar and radial ulnar 1.5 fingers
summarize arteries and nerves lower leg
flexors: tibial n, P tibial a
ext: d peroneal and a tibial a
evertors: spfcl peroneal n, peroneal a