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Who is Martin Luther?
A monk who spoke out against the corrupt church
The 4 Calvin Laws are?
1. No cards or dice or dancing
2. No indecent music
3. Curfew of nineo'clock
4. each host must own a Bible
What does Vernacular mean?
is the language people use in their homes.
John Calvin
A strict lawer who had a strict legal code called the "blue laws"
Pope Leo X
A son of Lorenzo Medici
A corrupt pope
Started out as a monk
became a humanist
liked by king Henry VIII
Teased the pope and other clergy members
What is a Bull?
An official order form the pope with his seal
To remove somone as a member of the church.
They could no longer be married or accepted into heaven
The group of powerfull people who muredered and torured all oposers to the Catholic church
Counsil of trent?
leaders of the Catholic church came together to stop the corruption in the church
and to restore the peoples faith in Christianity